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SiteGlo revisited, tested & review

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Sunfish49, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Sunfish49

    Sunfish49 Member

    Aug 15, 2010

    The trouble with researching forums for glow in dark sights is that results are either spam or shooting off opinions from hollow pointed heads, so that no real information nor solutions to problems get passed on. Real life experiences shared with useful details are RARE.

    I found that I didn't care for rear dot sights and prefer the rear Glock U-sights. My new Glock Tru Dot night sights made sighting it like the S&W-M&P dots I don't favor, so replaced the back sight with a Glock white adjustable U and love it (since no U-night sights are not available to my knowledge).

    Still, I missed losing the night glow sighting, as well as locating weapon in dark ... so was told by the gunsmith at Gander Mountain glow nail polish is better anyway. Couldn't find any of this in a small town - yet. Without any research due to the holidays, purchased SiteGlo on line.

    APPLICATION 12/28/2010
    It's important to any testing that instruction are followed to the letter, as was done in this case. I elected to use the thicker paint on the stirring stick to avoid any possible need to apply a second coat over this very white background. I sighed with relief when I was able to place SiteGlo paint exactly "on target" with brad/nail applicator because the instructions say there's no one to help clean it off! Instructions say it sets up with no touching for 24 hours, then slowly cures (like concrete) for the next 7 days. It's glowing like crazy when charged up by a fluorescent light, even briefly, even a 65 watt incandescent flashlight!

    12 hours later, I compared the original Tru Dot night sights to the painted sights in dark (no light source recharging). Tru Dot night tiny dots glow; SiteGlo paint on larger U-sight not glowing. I sought guidance from an advanced degree colleague for testing and reporting results.

    24 hours later (7:18am), worries had me researching reviews and blogs. Placed fluorescent charged* SiteGlo placed in dark closet for testing length of glow charge.
    0 minutes: SiteGlo brighter than Tru Dot night sight, U shape bolder, easier to see than small dots
    15 minutes: Tru Dot brighter as SiteGlo has faded
    35 minutes: Even with computer screen small pupils, I can easily find the Tru Dot night dots in the dark closet at arm's reach, which gives a clue where to search for the fading SiteGlo "big U" sights - not really good for sighting
    90 minutes: The Tru Dot night dots are easily found inside the dark closet but I have to allow my pupils to adjust while I peer in the direction of the Site Go U spot. Only the faintest, dim glow can be seen/imagined
    Obviously this test is over and other tests should at least include a) the benefits (if any) of the 7 day curing, even though suggested this is for hardening protection, b) benefits of direct sunlight exposure/charging over a long period of time

    Testing Full bottle of SiteGlo against Tru Dot (9:18am), as I am reading an eBay feedback comment from SiteGlo to apply a second coat for better results. A whole bottle should be better than a second coat & spare me the stress of applying it exactly right with no help in removing mistakes.
    0 minutes: SiteGlo bottle brighter than Tru Dot night sight
    15 minutes: Tru Dot brighter as SiteGlo bottle has faded
    30 minutes: Even with computer screen small pupils, I can easily find the Tru Dot night dots in the dark closet at arm's reach. The SiteGlo bottle glow is still fading but not as fast as the U-sight tested previously that needed a search party & pupils adjusted to darkness - sighting would not be possible
    95 minutes: The Tru Dot night dots are easily found inside the dark closet but I have to allow my pupils to adjust while I peer in the direction of the Site Go U spot. Only a dim glow can be seen - not near good enough for sighting nor even trip/fall prevention
    Obviously, a second coat would only marginally & almost imperceptibly improve glow retention

    4 days later (~60% cured)

    DIRECT SUNLIGHT TESTING (~2.5 times more than fluorescent lumens)
    This testing was dual - SiteGlo + Uglu Glo "24 hr" Tape - 2+hr charge 12:20 pm
    0 minutes: In order of brightness - Uglu Glo Tape, SiteGlo, Tru Dot night sight
    12 minutes: In order of brightness - Uglu Glo Tape, Tru Dot night sight, SiteGlo is barely useable as a sight but possible
    30 minutes: Even with computer screen small pupils, I can instantly find the 2" roll of Uglu Glo Tape. Tru Dot was then located nearby. SiteGlo fading still but with some tenacity, possibly might sight a pistol at night.
    4.5 hrs: At once the Tru Dot sight was spotted. As eyes adjusted from daylight to dark, Uglu Glo Tape roll came into view, then SiteGlo. Other than the Tru Dot, it would take some special circumstances to imagine SiteGlo nor even the tape to present a reliable, safe sighting experience ... although impossible might be too strong a judgment.
    Overnight: Tru Dot still great for sighting, the others slightly more deteriorated glow.


    PROS: *Charges fast & longer charges seem to have few benefits over shorter ones; although curing + sunlight + charge time combination provides best results. When charged, glow is more pronounced than daylight sights in daylight and more than night sights at night - excellent for shooting when charged.

    CONS: Enough glow to use as shooting sights only lasts ~10 minutes after charge; no long lasting (overnight preferred) competition for real night sights, useless for sighting at night when not charged.

    RECOMMENDATION: Since this product needs continual recharging to be as great/competitive as advertised, non-cult fans would need to find at least an intermittent light source location (like a traffic intersection) and figure out an useful application (keyhole, dark steps) to take advantage of its low price advantage. Although great for daylight sights, this would be the last choice for night sights but first choice for day sights on into dusk, even dark a few minutes.

    RATING: Any rating given higher than LOWEST been due to these attributes .... ease of purchase (eBay/website); quality paint (also is the best glow application method); low price; possible cult applications/preferences; hopes that product success will be followed by great improvements (as other products have reinvested).

    Perhaps the future will bring a rear Glock Tru Dot U-sight which I speculate will bring them lots of new money. The best competition tested was the tape but it does not seem practical to stay in place on rear slide sights that are man handled and the glow must be more pronounced. Thus, gun sight paint seems to be "the fix" however poor competition to Tru Dots presently.

    Other glow in dark paint options:
    Rust Oleum Glow In Dark Paint, "glows up to 2 hours", indoor use, water clean up
    Krylon Glowz, outdoor use, glow "lasts for hours" (Mr. Art user reviews suggest brush better than spray & up to 7 hours glow)
    Uglu Glo Tape, Model # MTR505, outdoor use, "up to 24hr glow"
  2. MikeNice

    MikeNice Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    North Carolina
    Thanks for the info.
  3. fatcat4620

    fatcat4620 Member

    Dec 28, 2010
    Do you know how this glo tape would compare to nightsighters?
  4. Sunfish49

    Sunfish49 Member

    Aug 15, 2010

    I had to look this one up, so have not compared them to the tape. The tape is not made for concealed handguns, so will detach from them very easily - although tape does well near keyholes on doors (house or truck). "Nitesiters are super photo luminescent, and not self luminescent, like Tritium." Therefore, I'm more interested in waiting for a) Glock U-sight rear to be made & b) self-illuminating ... rather than testing more of these glow-items. Best of luck to you, bet nitesiters work better than tape in sticking to it.
  5. roadchoad

    roadchoad Member

    Nov 23, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2011
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