So called "Gun Safety Groups" set their sights on Texas.

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    Obviously the gun grabbers, having launched their opening assault on Virginia have chosen Texas as their next target. We have won the first battle, but it will not be the last as they fight to turn Texas blue. VCDL has demonstrated the importance of an organized opposition, all gun owners need to stay informed and get behind their state associations for the upcoming struggle.

    IMPORTANT! Please Forward this URL to Others
    Second Amendment supporters won an important victory when Gary Gates won HD 28 election.

    Dear TSRA Supporter:

    Pro-gun forces enjoyed a significant win last month! TSRA-PAC endorsed candidate Gary Gates won an important special election runoff for House District 28, an open seat in the Texas Legislature to represent portions of Fort Bend County.

    TSRA-PAC sent out email alerts, direct mail and ran digital ads to targeted voters in a Get-Out-The-Vote effort which was unprecedented for our organization.

    Opponents of the Second Amendment tried to nationalize this election, pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of out-of-state money to back Gates’ opponent Eliz Markowitz, who campaigned on universal background checks, red flag gun confiscation legislation and repeal of campus carry.

    National darlings of the gun control movement Beto O’Rourke and New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg even walked door-to-door in the district for Markowitz.


    Gates trounced Markowitz by 16 percentage points. Though gun control advocates and gun-grabbing politicians failed to lay down a marker in this particular contest, the amount of resources they invested in this race demonstrates their commitment to turn Texas “blue” and make the Lone Star State their next target after Virginia for passing radical restrictions on our rights.


    While there is much to celebrate about the win in District 28, there are very serious challenges that lie ahead in the 2020 elections. Anti-gun politicians are just NINE legislative seats away from taking over the Texas House. And District 28 was a race we should have won, based on the area’s voting history.

    TSRA-PAC will need to be involved in as many as TWENTY state races this fall which are expected to be far more competitive, in order to prevent an anti-gun majority from taking over the Texas House. If we don’t win, universal background checks, red flag legislation, and repeal of campus carry will just be the start of what’s to come!

    Your contribution to TSRA-PAC will help replicate the Get-Out-The-Vote efforts we conducted in District 28 in these other critical contests.

    We can only work with those lawmakers the voters send to Austin. Help us put more pro-Second Amendment supporters in more seats in the Texas Legislature.

    Register to vote. Support pro-gun candidates for state office. And make a donation to TSRA-PAC today!

    Thank you,

    Mike Cox, TSRA Legislative Director


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    Texas needs to remember beto saying:
    "Hell yes we are going to take your guns"
    I live in new Mexico, the next county over for me is texas, if new Mexico gets too stupid Texas is my fall back plan.
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    The 2020 Election Plan to Vilify Gun Owners

    TSRA members and all Texas Gun Owners now have 8 million reasons to be concerned about the future of their Second Amendment rights in the Lone Star State. Recent News Article.

    The national gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety & Moms Demand Action, funded by New York billionaire and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, are shamelessly using the current COVID-19 pandemic to portray their gun control proposals as a solution to a "public health crisis" and to issue a call for electing anti-gun politicians to support their agenda.

    These groups, and the candidates they align themselves with, will peddle so-called "common-sense" solutions to violent crime which are all ineffective, intrusive, and unenforceable gun control schemes that target law-abiding citizens and will be ignored by criminals.

    We've already seen how this played out in Virginia and how Second Amendment rights can be lost in the blink of an eye.

    Virginia has what we refer to as "off-year" elections for state offices, which took place in November of 2019. Bloomberg's groups spent $2.5 million there on legislative races and bought themselves a narrow anti-gun majority in the State Senate and State House. They already controlled the governorship. The eyes of the nation were on the thousands of concerned gun owners who rallied at their capitol in Richmond earlier this year to oppose Bloomberg-backed gun control bill after gun control bill being introduced.

    The Virginia General Assembly approved a slew of items on the extreme Bloomberg gun control agenda. And the governor signed them all while Virginia residents were under his stay-at-home COVID-19 order : red flag legislation; a bill to criminalize the private sale or transfer of firearms; one-handgun-a-month purchase limits; a measure to gut the state firearms preemption law and allow local governments to adopt restrictions on firearms; and restrictions on firearms stored in the home.

    The Bloomberg buyout of Virginia state government began last summer and fall during the critical election season, and it was completed last November at the ballot box. That's the plan they have for us here in the Lone Star State in 2020. We can't afford to let this happen here.

    TSRA and Texas gun owners need to be engaged in the 2020 elections like never before.

    We need to make sure every TSRA member and Texas gun owner is registered to vote.

    We need to be prepared to run unprecedented Get-Out-The-Vote operations in key districts -- whether that's putting up yard signs and knocking on doors to educate voters, or more remote efforts such as digital ads or direct mail, to elect pro-Second Amendment lawmakers and defeat those who oppose our rights.

    And we need you to DONATE to the TSRA-PAC so we can have the resources to fight for the future of our rights in Texas.

    The ultimate goal of Bloomberg and his national groups is civilian disarmament. And their next target is Texas.

    The fight starts now. Are you ready?

    Mike Cox, Legislative Director

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