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So I took a remington 700 stainless bead blasted in 223 in on trade a while back-went

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by tallpaul, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. tallpaul

    tallpaul Member

    Oct 17, 2006
    to the range the other day and thought I would check it out a bit. I only fired some surplus 5.56 through it. It has a bushnell 3-9 with a larger obj lens than I normaly see on a 3-9. It was way off and i am glad I started at 25 yards. A few more shots than I thought it would take and she was starting to hit where I wanted with bullets touching, which I would expect at such a short range.

    I moved out to 50 and trweaked it a bit and she is shooting nice with potential. I tried some old handloads that worked great in my winchester 70 sporter/varmit and the bolt would not close- it puzzled me until I remembered I loaded them for that other gun- oops

    The trigger will be usable I think- I HATE the bead blasting which is odd since I tend to like it on pistols... I think it will be worth having for when the sheeple might freak over the AR, it will be a good huntin/varmit piece I believe, likely a great canidate for some bubba camoflage :D althoiugh a boyds thumbhole might find its way onto this one...

    Any body else have remington 700's in 223 and like em?
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