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"Social Situations" - what a quaint name!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by crashresidue, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. crashresidue

    crashresidue Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    Maui HI
    Cheers people,

    I'm most likely the newest member, so I haven't toured all the posts and forums here, but I'm impressed!

    Here is a web site that makes you THINK!

    I've been here long enough to scare "pax" - and Honey, I didn't mean too!

    Let me lay some ground work, and then I'll be quiet!

    My "ole" man" flew B-25's in North Africa in WWII, I flew "gunships' in Nam for two tours (67/68 & 69/70), and then went to Rhodesia and killed "terries for fun and profit" for some un-named people.

    The tone of my posts on this forum are based on the fact that I was raised in the South, but I "grew up in Viet Nam" - that was my cusp! I learned: dignity, trust, honor, integrity, and dependablilty-- from that war.

    I learned: If you lie - people DIE!

    If you are NOT dependable - people DIE!

    If you are NOT trustworthy - then people won't believe you, and they'll DIE!

    If you have neither honor or integrity - all of the above will come true!

    War is a terrible thing - but it's a crucible where you either get "formed" or you're lost.

    Some of us were able to bring more of our "selves" home than others. Please remember this when you're dealing with "homeless Viet Vets". They are here, but their souls are "a long way away'.

    My father came home and never got into a cockpit again - I came home and couldn't get out one.

    I use a three step system for carrying (CCW): I don't carry unless I REALLY think I'm gonna' need it, I don't pull it - unless I entend to use it, and I don't use it unless - (s)he's gonna' be dead after the smoke clears.

    It's crushing to some people, but to others, it just a fact of life - I've decided that MY life (or my wife's life) is worth protecting and defending to the death - hopefully - theirs!

    Gentle winds,
    AKA Russell Shearer

    ps: I'll tell THAT story if bribbed with enough booze!
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