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SOG Mini Vulcan impressions.

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by VoodooSan, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. VoodooSan

    VoodooSan Member

    Sep 23, 2012
    DFW, TX
    I just picked up a SOG Mini Vulcan. I like some of SOG's offerings. I have the Spec Elite II and its been a good blade but its pretty big. I always keep a couple of blade with me. In my EDC bag I have a CRKT M16-01Z that stays clipped in the webbing on the front of my back I use for random stuff but it stays on my bag and usually have my ZT-0300 or a Buck CSAR-T (that is an awesome knife for the money) inside. I EDC a Maxpedition Noatak. Its the prefect size for me.

    I wanted something new for pocket carry that I didnt mind using for daily tasks like opening main, cutting boxes, etc without using one of my better knives. And I did not want an assited opening blade. I looked at the Mini Vulcan before so while I was out the other day I went ahead got it. I was kind of of on the fence about getting this as there were several others knives in and near this price point to consider.

    My thoughts on it:

    Maybe Im spoiled but I like my knives to come in a box. All my other ones have. A lot of SOG stuff now is coming out in plastic packaging that you have to go home and cut open with..another knife. I think this is dumb as you cant inspect the knife until after you get home and cut open the packaging and we know anyone can get a lemon. Fortunately this didnt happen to me. But come on SOG go back to boxes. In my opinion presentation counts. I mean I got knives that cost much less that were presented better. I guess Im just picky. Moving on.

    I like how low it rides in the pocket using the bayonet clip. I have heard they can break due to the cut out design in the clip but we will see. I prefer just plain clips. I do like the VG-10 steel blade, the full stainless steel liners, and the Arc-Lock. The handle is that GRN stuff but its textured well and doesnt feel like cheap plastic. I have never cared for plastic handles as to me they just feel cheap but they way these are textured I dont mind and I do like the texturing. I think if SOG put G10 scales on the Mini Vulcan it would vastly improve the feel and over all quality. The GRN handles have a little bit of a palm swell and with the texturing it really feels good in the hand and doesnt slip.

    The Arc-Lock works for me as I am used to it on my other SOG. Of course its a lot like Benchmade's locking mechanism but it works. It was a little stiff opening it out of the box especially using the flipper but read not to adjust it right away as it will smooth out. And let me tell you opening and closing it is super smooth. The lock up is tight and much better than I expected. Blade is centered well.

    The stainless steel liners are solid and not milled out. The knife has a good heft but itsnt heavy to me at all. It weighs in at 3.4 oz. Why SOG doesnt mill out the liners kinda baffles me but I assume its a time saving expense.

    The jimping is good on it but would be better and more functional if SOG jimped the plastic GRN so you could actually get a better purchase on the knife. Hence why I think G10 would be great on this instead of GRN as it would work better for jimping. The little bit of jimping on the back of the blade is really sharp on mine and keep my thumb from slipping.

    The VG-10 stainless steel blade opens easily with a flick of the thumb studs or the flipper. I can seriously open this knife and my CRKT faster than my Zero Tolerance 0300. But we are talking about smaller blades rather than the beast of a blade on the ZT. And the blade was ridiculously sharp out of the box..err I mean plastic package.

    Overall I think the Mini Vulcan is a great knife. I pointed out changes or things I dont like but I can nitpick just about anything. For the Mini Vulcan intended purpose it fits the bill. What surprised me was how much more I like this knife than when I got it a few days ago.

    (OH yes I tried uploading actual pics but that seems to not be working at the moment for me)

    Blade Length 3" x .125"
    Overall Length 7.35"
    Weight 3.4 oz.
    Edge Straight
    Steel VG-10
    HRC 59-60
    Handle GRN
    Finish Satin
    Includes Reversible Pocket clip
    Country of Origin Japan
  2. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Member

    Jun 11, 2005
    I have the Mini Vulcan. I like the knife. I think they could choose a better handle/scales material. But it is okay. It is very fast and good steel for a knife. I have no serious complaints about it. In fact I recommend them to folks.

    I also have the regular Vulcan. I found it too large for me and bought the Mini as soon as it was available when they first came out. In fact, I bought it from SOG at the Blade Show. Mine came in a box. :D
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