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Special Times

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sm, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    I peered into the kitchen and Grandma was sitting across from two kids seated at the kitchen table.

    One to her right she had been married to for a long time, the other a result of their only kid, finally figuring out to make a grandchild some 9 years ago.

    "It took her long enough..." :p

    Now this was a Special Time, see the Grandpa did not have his old single shot shotgun or his single shot .22 rifle anymore. Truth is, he loaned them to his brother for brothers kids to learn on and they were stolen. A very sad sentimental loss for Grandpa, his brother and the kids. Another life lesson on even if not your fault, and you do everything correct - Life happens.

    Grandson has his own new guns, Grandparents saw to this, starting with Red Ryder years ago, then a .22 single shot rifle and getting to where he can use the single shot 28 gauge.

    "Grandma, you and Grandpa need some guns like mine you gave me, you two are kinda sad not having any of your own"

    Grandma's are special, pretty smart, they have to be to stay married to Grandpas as long as they do. ;)

    Grandson's and Grandma's do stuff together just like Grandson's and Grandpa's do.
    Grandma's pass forward life lessons as well. "Pay attention to what Grandpa likes and I will speak to his brother about what he had".

    Grandma's remember guns too, just , well, passing forward how to find out stuff and being sneaky is part of growing up too.

    Words cannot describe seeing and hearing a Grandpa share with a Grandson all about two OLD guns found in a Gun Store and bought by Grandson, with Grandma's help of course.

    Grandma knows the guns, the stories, but it never gets old hearing and seeing all this again.
    Grandma's are good shooters too! She can shoot these two old single shot guns really really well.

    "Reason why I married your Grandma, she could shoot, cook and sew a button, don't forget that when you get bigger".

    "Reason I married your Grandpa, he could sew a button, make scratch biscuits, spill Hoppe's No, 9 on the kitchen table and I could out shoot him, don't forget that as you get bigger too."

    "What are doing Grandma? "
    "Making a boat out of a bar of Ivory Soap"

    Grandpa grins and - "You got a new knife for yourself I see. Dang! Whittling sounds like fun, need to find my whittling knife and get a bar of soap"

    Grandma has two bars of Ivory Soap and hands one to Grandpa and one to Grandson.
    Then hands them each a Case yellow handled knife with chrome vanadium blades with their initial on on bolster. Just like Grandma's, three knives just alike, with personal initial on a bolster.

    Little hands being helped, learning more safety and how to use another tool, soap shavings going into a box...

    Special Times.
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