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Stainless Steel Colts

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Fingers McGee, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Member

    Apr 5, 2009
    High and dry at Lake of the Ozarks, MO
    I am seeking information on a line of stainless steel cab & ball revolvers made by Uberti and imported by Allen Firearms, Santa Fe, NM in the early to mid '80s. Phil Spangenberger did an article about these stainless revolvers in the October 1983 issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine. According to the article, the models that were being imported were the 1851 Navy, 186o Army, 1861 Navy, 1862 Pocket Navy, and 1862 Pocket police.

    So far, I have two of these revolvers and know of five others in hands of other collectors, and one that just recently popped up on GB. The revolvers known to me are:

    1. Uberti / Allen 1860 Army four screw model – serial number 117XXX – AL (1983) date code.

    2. Uberti 1861 Navy four screw model – serial number 118XXX – AM (1984) date code. This one has the A.UBERTI&C. / ITALY frame stamp, but does not have the Allen barrel address. Additionally, although it has four frame screws and the recoil shield is cut for a detachable shoulder stock, there is no notch in the butt.

    3. Uberti / Allen 1862 Pocket Navy – serial number 119XXX – AM (1984) date code.

    4. Uberti / Allen 1861 Navy four screw model cut for shoulder stock but no notch in backstrap.

    5. Uberti / Allen 1851 Navy in a “Sheriff Model” configuration (5 inch barrel).

    6. Uberti / Allen 1860 Army four screw model - serial number 121XXX - AN (1985) date code.

    7. Uberti / Allen 1851 Navy with standard barrel length - serial number 117XXX - AL (1983) date code.

    8. Found on GB - Uberti / Allen 1860 Army four screw model - serila number 116XXX - AL (1983) date code.

    From the serial number range of examples identified so far, it would appear that somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 of these revolvers could have been produced.

    Anyone with information concerning Allen Firearms/Uberti Stainless Steel Colt style revolvers is requested to contact fingersmcgee@embarqmail.com. I am seeking information as to individual models, manufacture dates, and serial numbers; as well as any catalog or packaging information.

    Allen Firearms went bankrupt and the assets bought by Cimarron FA. I've gotten some info from Dr. Jim Davis and from Cimarron; but not what I'm looking for. I have a request it to Uberti for info that hasn't been answered yet.

    Of course, if anyone has any for sale, I would be interested in that also.

    Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
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