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Standing position with M-14

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by rebelmark, Apr 3, 2003.

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  1. rebelmark

    rebelmark Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    I am 5'6" and use a M-14 for Highpower competition. I'm fairly new to it, so I am working on my various positions. Because I have fairly short arms, my standing and sitting positions are giving me a hard time. When in the standing position, is it prudent to place my left hand underneath the magazine well in order that my elbow can rest against my chest therefore steadying the rifle? Do any highpower shooters that use an M-14 use the flush mounted 5 round magazine in order to hold it the way I described? Also, in my sitting postion I am having a very hard time finding a position. I can't seem to get my body down low enough to get my cheek on the rifle. Thanks in advance.
  2. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2002
    Southeastern US
    I'll try to answer your quesitons the best I can.

    Sure! Lots of people put their hand under the mag or even between the mag and the triggerguard. The only issue will be that you may get a little wobble on top becuase the rifle will be "topheavy" on your palm. Also if you ever blow something up, the path of least resistance is the mag.

    They may, BUT according to the NRA Highpower Rulebook:

    In other words, you must have a mag of the same dimensions as the 20 in order to shoot in Service Rifle class. Use the small mag and you'll shoot in Match Rifle.

    So the rifle sits too low? Try making the sling shorter and choke up on the stock with your support hand. That of course will allow you to put the rifle higher in your shoulder. You may also want to consider a cross-ankled position. That will bring the gun up and also allow you to absorb recoil a little better with that big gun.
  3. BlindRat

    BlindRat Member

    Apr 7, 2003
    I think Steve's touched on most of the relevant points. I'm not much taller than you and during my time with the M14, I did use a magazine hold. I still use a magazine hold with the AR Service Rifle.

    I think getting your left arm supported by your torso is worthwhile enough to offset the slight theoretical unsteadiness brought on by a rifle balanced above a magazine. Folk with longer arms are able to use a left hand hold on the Delta Ring om Standing. I can't without pointing into the dirt. Experiment with different positions, but remember bone on bone up high trumps muscling down low.

    Sitting is the same for me. I pull my left had backward probably 2 inches forward of the Delta Ring to give me the elevation I need to get on target. Without being able to see your position it'll be just a guess, but I'd be you're trying to shoot Cross Legged and your elbows resting on your knees don't let your head get down low enough to cheek wood? (been there, done that) Try sitting with your legs laid out in front of you with the ankles crossed. When you lean forward, I'm guessing your elbows will get out onto your shins, but your face can reach the stock now? Just an educated guess. You might also find it more comfortable and stable to "cant" the rifle to the right. Remember...stable is good...

    For Rapid Fire with the '14, remember to sling up as tight as you can stand it for 40 seconds and get your weight behind the rifle. Pull the rifle back hard into your shoulder WITH THE RIGHT HAND ONLY for added recoil control.

    Have fun.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2003
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