Star Super B recoil spring problem

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May 17, 2014
Southeast Wisconsin
I bought a new Wolff recoil spring for my 9mm Star Super B. It's about an inch longer than the one that came in the gun, but it's also about 1mm small in diameter. That doesn't sound like much, but it means that I cannot get the recoil spring guide into, because that was a snug fit in the original spring. I've been trying for a while, and I thought I'd ask here before I did something that ruined the new spring.

The Wolff spring came in the correct packaging for a Star Super B spring, and I've always heard good things about their service and their springs. I bought the spring because my first reaction upon receiving the Star was "Boy, that's the weakest recoil spring I've ever felt in a full size 9mm pistol." I decided to get a new spring before taking the gun to the range, so here I am now. Any help would be appreciated.
Monac, that's a tough one. I can only think of two possible explanations; the spring guide in your gun is from another gun, or Wolff sent the wrong spring. I know that on my Super model A the spring I got from Wolff was hard to fit on the guide, but it was supposed to be.

I would give Wolff a call and see if they can offer advise. They will probably want you to send the spring back, and that is always irritating. You want to shoot the damn thing, not wait for springs in the mail!!

If the spring seems excessively long now, it will take a set and shorten a little. I got a spring for my Astra 400 that was almost 1-1/2" longer than the worn out original but after a couple of hundred rounds it was a half inch shorter.

If you can get your hands on a 1911 spring, see if it will fit inside the recoil spring plug in the front and the spring guide. The fit in the plug must be loose enough for the spring can compress and relax easily. If you hold the plug vertically and the spring falls out of its own weight, you're good. The gun doesn't care what gun the spring was intended for. If it fits properly and is the right weight it should work. I think the 9mm 1911s used an 11# spring.

The Star Supers were a close copy of the 1911. They should work fine with a 1911 spring, if it fits. I've never tried it so I don't know. Good luck.
I think the problem may be that Wolff has the springs listed incorrectly on their website. I checked into getting a new recoil spring for my Star Super B, but when I measured the OD of the spring as recommended on the Wolff website it was .415", which is the spring size they have listed for the 9 mm Largo versions of the Star pistols. If you got the one they have listed for the 9 mm Luger, which has an OD of .365" I'd say that this is your problem.

Since this was confusing, I ended up just using the spring that came with the gun rather than risk getting the wrong spring.

Measure the OD of your original spring, and I bet it is .415". I'll bet the spring they sent you has an OD of .365". I'd send it back and try the larger spring size.
The only measuring device I have handy is in millimeters, but it agrees with what you say, Ernest T: The old, original Star spring is 10mm in diameter, while the new one is 9mm. I thought there was some trick I did not know about getting such a spring to fit the guide rod.

I assumed it was me was because I have never heard about Wolff making a mistake like this. They have a very good reputation.
You just received good info on ordering Wolff springs: measure and call them to make sure they are sending what you want...Super and non Super springs are very different.
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