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Starting an Indoor Range?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by amprecon, Apr 28, 2003.

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  1. amprecon

    amprecon Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    There is not one single indoor range where I live. I am a member of an outdoor range, but there is no indoor range to be found.

    I just don't know the reasons why. Insurance? City counsel opposition? Not enough perceived local demand?

    I've been to some real nice indoor ranges and don't think it'd be too difficult to build one, I think it'd do real well here. I'd have a nice selection of handguns to rent and all the necessities.

    Has anyone here operated or started an indoor range/gun store? What were the hoops that you had to jump through? Is it impossible? Was it worth it after it got going?

    I think the demand would certainly be there if there was one here.
  2. PvtPyle

    PvtPyle Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Draper UT
    Well, having been down this road, to start with you will need zoning approval, that can be a real pain depending on where you live.

    Next you will have to preform market reasearch to see if the demand is actually there (just cause YOU think it is a good idea does not mean that you will get any real significant traffic).

    Next, draw up a business plan and go to the bank. But you will need a few really important things.

    Insurance, can be a real killer.

    EPA problems. How are you going to preform lead reclaimation? Do you have a local company to dispose of the lead, and have you check costs? Better hold on to your undies on that one, it can be absurd.

    What kind of bullet trap are you going to use? Is it rifle rated or just handguns? A good trap can kill several birds with one stone, lead-rec, EPA hazzards, make zoning guys a bit happier. They are killer on your pocketbook but pay for themselves in many ways over the long run. The setup can run many thousands of dollars. MANY thousands.

    For the best advice get ahold of the NRA range develpoement guys, and a company called Action Targets. They can give you some real specific details and points to hit upon.
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