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Super Vepr trigger

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Hedning, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Hedning

    Hedning Member

    Feb 12, 2009
    Eastern Norway
    Im new on this site, been mostly on the Gunsnet. However, Iv had trouble finding someone to help me with a better trigger for my Super Vepr (.308). I know that there is someone over there making an adjustable trigger for the Vepr. But I dont know if it will fit the super vepr. I also know a guy in California that has installed one in his rifle, and he had some issues with the safety pin. So, is there anyone that have some good ideas about this??

    As a new member I might share with some of my favorite guns I got.

    My number 1 competition rifle is a Lakelander 6,5x55, got a Bauch & Lomb 6-24 on it. This Lakelander is one of the first that was ever made. Hence made in Finland. Not the swedish or norwegian stuff they made later.

    For moose I use my vepr, but mostly use a Rem 700 safari 375 H&H with a short short barrell. With the 380 grs Rhino bullets it makes it very unsafe to be a moose even in the bush.

    Shotgun favorite of mine is the old Winchester 1897. Got some others, but this is the one I prefer to use. Just wish I could get a barrell with a tighter bore. Mine got a cyl bore.

    For open sight competition I use the Sauer 200 STR, also 6,5x55. Hell of a rifle.

    I could go on with the rest of the bunch in the closet, but that would take a while. Old Krag Jorgensens and all the K98`s along with a bunch of remingtons, tikkas, kongsberg etc etc.....

    Have a great one
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