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Tactical Wedding, Shootout and Hog Roast!!!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ThrottleJockey72, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. ThrottleJockey72

    ThrottleJockey72 member

    Jul 13, 2009
    Coon Rapids, MN
    Okay, I've been with my SO for nearly 9 years now, we have 2 beautiful daughters together, and she REALLY wants to be married. She understands my apprehension, and I won't get into that here, she shares and understands my enthusiasm about the 2A and guns. Additionally, she has waited long enough that she is on board with ANY suggestion I make about marriage. This being said, I have made my decision. We are going to have a short ceremony, followed by a "short course" in safety and a range session for our guests. We will then proceed to the hog and the live band along with a few kegs of beer. I have decided the best way to go about this is to hire a pair of off duty deputies and 1 or 2 NRA certified instructors/rangemasters for safety and security during the range session. We will likely rent a small piece of land from a farmer, doze a nice backstop, and whatever other safety measures the NRA guys and deputies agree to. Put up a large canvas open sided tent for the tables and food/beer/band/DJ. Have a camping area. Have a bonfire after dark. For me, this is a dream wedding(a darn good excuse for a good party)!!! I have a close friend of over 20 years that has a very good cover band, I only expect 1 or 2 sets from them, thus the need for a DJ as well. Here is the link to their site if anyone is interested The 10th of Never. I have a fair collection of various caliber firearms to use, perhaps rent a few others. There will likely be a number of fence sitting antis, not really antis, just not yet completely on board. I have several in my family. Also a lot of people with little to no experience with guns. Aside from the measures already mentioned for safety and security, does anyone have further ideas/suggestions? Oh yeah, NO ALCOHOL WILL BE SERVED UNTIL ALL FIREARMS ARE SECURED. I have a lot of work and planning to do, but I have a good 10 months. We have decided on next July or August. Additionally, if anyone lives in Indiana and can recommend an instructor or two, or has a piece of land to rent, please PM me. There will also likely be a standing invite to THR members that want to attend. I think this will be a really good way to share our love, love of firearms, love of good food and our lives with family and friends.
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