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Tag Sale Goodies

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by GRB, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. GRB

    GRB member

    Feb 25, 2005
    Went to a Tag Sale (Estate Sale) today, a bit of a drive about 32 miles away from my house but no traffic on a Sunday morning. I was the 8th person on line so I figured that any good stuff (they advertised hunting equipment and a gun cabinet) would be gone when I got in. Sure enough two ahead of me were at the gun cabinet. They quickly turned down the three long guns offered. Two were single shot shotguns and the other a .22 rifle bolt action with a tube feed. I looked at the rifle, a JC Higgins and thought aah - maybe - maybe not and put it back. The shotguns walked or so I thought. I looked around the house some more and picked up a brand new, tags attached, Cabela's Hunting coat for $25. Not bad for brand new. It is blaze orange with camo pattern, hollofil, water repellent. (I later found a brand new pair of shooting mittens in the inside pocket - also tags still on - so this made the deal all the better.)

    When I went back upstairs I figured I'd buy the rifle if it was still there. Nope, the rifle and shotguns were now in the hands of two guys who were discussing them. I guess the shotguns had not sold earlier when the first guy to walk off with them heard the prices. As it was one of the tag sale people came over and said they were selling for $75 each. The gent holding one of the shotguns and the 22 started to put the 22 back into the cabinet and I asked him to hand it to me. He said he was taking the shotgun and it was a Remington - I do not know the model. The guy holding the other shotgun said his was a Winchester. Ouch thought I, why hadn't I looked at the shotguns earlier. Well they walked. If I understand correctly they may be worth something if they clean up ok, they were pretty rusty.

    As for me I took the JC Higgins/Sears Model 43. I think it was made by Marlin from the look of it. It had a bunch of surface rust that cleaned off easily leaving at least 85 - 90% of the finish on the gun. The stock has scratches and dings but, no cracks are evident. I think a little sand paper, some elbow grease, and a new finish will look very good. maybe some boiled linseed oil and a lot of elbow grease! I have never owned a tube fed .22 nor a J.C. Higgins. It seems to be made pretty well, all metal parts, none seem worn. It shoots .22 Short, .22 long and .22 Long Rifle. I anticipate a range day sometime this week to check it out. Just another fun gun.

    Not bad at $60 but, next time I have to remember to grab those shotguns too. I knew the JC Higgins was not worth much except for fun shooting but those shotguns may have been another story. I could kick myself for not paying more attention to them.

    All the best,
    Glenn B
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