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Taurus 41mag

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by mikefayetteville, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. mikefayetteville

    mikefayetteville Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Any opinions on the Taurus 41 mag? I have a Taurus 44 mag, 44 sp and 22 and so far have had no problems with them. All three shoot real well.
    I am looking into getting the titanium 4". Their 2" model looks real good too.
  2. Stevel

    Stevel Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    SE PA
    I actually fired the 2" model (415?) a couple of years ago when I was considering buying one. It was nice, but I didn't buy one. There was nothing wrong with it, I just seem to have to work myself into the decision over a period of time and never quite broke the threshold of "have to have it". They seem like nice guns.

  3. Sharps Shooter

    Sharps Shooter Member

    Apr 5, 2005
    Southeast Idaho
    The 4” stainless .41 Magnum Taurus Tracker I had was great. I’m sorry I traded it off and will probably replace it with another one just like it. I’ve pulled that stupid trick more than once in my life.
    Actually, my .41 Magnum Tracker did have a couple of problems – at least to me they were problems. If you shined a flashlight in the barrel while looking in from the opposite end, you could see a place where whatever tool Taurus had used to cut the riflings had grabbed and tore a little hole, about the diameter of a #2 pencil lead, out of one of the riflings. It didn’t seem to affect anything because the gun was plenty accurate. It’s just that I knew that little flaw was in the barrel and I let it bug the heck out of me.
    The other problem I had was the fact that I like to use heavy, cast lead bullets in large bore handguns and the .41 Magnum Taurus Tracker cylinders are quite short. I was able to find some 250-grain WFNGC bullets from Cast Performance, that when seated in the cases to their crimping grooves, resulted in COLs of 1.540 inches. Those cartridges would fit in my Tracker, but just barely. The .41 caliber 255-grain WFNGC bullets from Cast Performance have longer noses, more weight up front, and it’s hopeless to try to use them in a .41 Magnum Taurus Tracker. You’d have to crimp your cases over those bullet’s front driving bands, and you’d be flying blind as far as pressures go by seating the bullets so deeply in the cases. The next time I run into a representative from Cast Performance at a gun show, I’m going to trade the 2 boxes of .41 caliber 255-grain WFNGC bullets I bought for some .41 caliber 250-grain WFNGC bullets. Please, don’t anyone tell me 5 grains of lead can’t make that much difference. It does when the only similarities between the bullets is the fact they both have gas checks and wide, flat noses.
    If you’re considering the titanium Tracker, I’m sure you know it’s lighter and therefore will probably kick a bit harder than the stainless one I had. But felt recoil is very subjective. As far as I’m concerned, a titanium Tracker would have to kick A LOT harder than a stainless one before it would bother me much. With those ports and soft ribbed-rubber grips, my Tracker was a real pleasure to shoot.
    The ports are not actually in the barrel you know. They’re in the barrel shroud beyond the end of the barrel. That way they have the same effect on muzzle flip, yet they have no effect on bullet muzzle velocity – if you have a 4” barrel, you'll put pressure behind the bullet for a full 4 inches. The pressure doesn’t escape through the ports until the bullet has already exited the barrel. Actually, the barrel shroud makes a 4” Tracker look like it has a 5” barrel. And because nothing but gas goes up through those ports, they’re easy to clean. Two minutes with a pipe cleaner and solvent does the trick.
    With a stout, but not maximum, charge of LilGun behind a 250-grain WFNGC bullet, I was getting just over 1250 fps and a very low SD from my 4" Tracker. That was chronographed - not conjectured.
  4. moph759fl

    moph759fl Member

    Dec 6, 2005
    SW Florida
    I like all the revolvers made by Taurus, quality and warranty. I have a .41MAG/2.5" Titanium that shoots and conceal carries as well as my Taurus 38/Model 85UL. I attribute that to the ported barrel and "Gripper" grips. My next revolver will be Taurus, I have had S&W and Colt, both fine handguns, but for now I collect Taurus.

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