Taylors 1873, 20", 357Mag/38Special - Shoots High


May 8, 2008
I have a Talors 1873 lever action rifle in 357Mag/38 Special. I only shoot 38 Special out of it. But it shoots high at 25 yards about 6 inches. The rear sight is as far down as it can go. My question is,...is there a bit taller front sight....or a shorter rear sight...that will still be period-ish?

I'd be okay with a lower rear sight...one that isn't the Buckhorn style would be okay.

Thanks....if you can help. If you have a link, even better.
You ought to try it with .357 before you modify it. The general rule is that slower loads shoot higher because the bullet is in the barrel longer as it rises. So try some 158 and 125 loads in .357.
I'd be okay with a lower rear sight...one that isn't the Buckhorn style would be okay.

Taller front. BTW, once you understand and become accustomed to how the Buckhorn works, it has its own set of advantages -- basically, it is an iron BDC. Have you tried resting the bead at the very bottom of the rear notch?

Bill, thanks for the comment. As for using 357, I don't have any. Just 38 Special. This rifle is just for fun....because I love the design.

Dave, thanks as well for the comment. To answer, yes, the top of the front sight is all the way to the bottom of the rear notch.
I had the same experience with a Henry single shot. .38s shot high, higher velocity stuff would bring the zero down into the adjustment range.

A taller sight will fix your problem. If you have a standard front dovetail, Marbles has some front sights that will look vintage. They really haven't changed some of their designs since the 1920s. A standard blade with a gold or "ivory"bead should be up your alley.
Several tang sight options available. I suspect that the sights are regulated for 357 loads and this would be less of a problem with them. A tang sight should allow you to get on target, perhaps not quite at 25 yards, and improve the shooting experience regardless of load. Williams, Marbles, or something a bit spendy from MVA.
Bullet weight has an effect too. My Timberwolf iron sights are calibrated for 158gn 357M at 100 meters. Numbers matter.
So, does anyone have a good website I could go to get a decent taller front site?