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The FNH FNP40 questions/help

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Shaggz, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Shaggz

    Shaggz Member

    Feb 16, 2011
    Salyersville, KY
    Picking up a new pistol. I have a Taurus 9mm as range gun, but want something better for carry.
    I know that the FNP40 is a large gun and most wouldn't recommend it for concealed carry, but I'm a big guy and don't worry too much about the size and weight of my carry piece (cept on hot summer days when I'll carry my .38 snub)
    I've read and watched many reviews and they've all gave it great marks.
    I know about the newer FNX40, but it's a bit more expensive.

    Also. The gun shop I frequent is wanting to sell the FNP40 for $600.
    Thats outrageous! Considering I've heard of ppl getting them from $400-$500 tops. Even one guy who snagged one for $350.
    I've thought about ordering one online and having it shipped to a dealer.
    One site I found (not sure if I'm allowed to post the link so I won't unless you say it's OK) an FNP40 for $450, that plus the $40 transfer fee puts it at about $500.
    Good deal or no?

    I'm looking to get some feedback on ppl who have owned/used this handgun and their experience with it.
    Any suggestions?
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2011
  2. NG VI

    NG VI Member

    Dec 12, 2007
    Based on the -9M I had, the 40 should be a phenomenal gun. Not really as big as you'd expect. Compared to other service-type autos they are fairly trimand they really do everything right with a minimum of flash.

    I think you could do an awful lot worse than the FNP in any iteration. Well the .45 would actually be pretty rugged to carry, it's significantly bigger than the 9 and .40.
  3. ichiban

    ichiban Member

    May 2, 2009
    Colorado Springs, CO
    That is a decent deal. It is the same price Bud's Gun Shop is selling them for - depending on the model.

    I carry my FNP-9 frequently without any problems. I also have the FNX-40 but don't have a holster for it (yet) so it stays home. On my FNP-9, I took a dremel tool to the base of one magazine and ground it down to match the grip profile so it wouldn't print too badly. My FNX-40 has the least recoil of any .40s&w I've shot.

    Great guns - accurate and reliable. I think you'll enjoy it.
  4. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Member

    May 19, 2008
    I had an FNP-40 and sold it after about a year. It was "fine" and 100% reliable, but more dull and appliance-like than a Glock. I thought recoil was fair, no less than a Glock 22 (Which I also own). I just wasn't a big fan of it, with the kicker for me being that the decocker is in the same spot as a 1911 safety, giving me a big worry that muscle memory would disable the gun when I needed to shoot it (it won't fire with the decocker down).

    There are also very few holster options. However, I agree that it would carry more like a compact than a full-size gun.

    IF you still want one, and I don't really recommend it, check prices at CDNN and Bud's.

    I would check out the Sig P250 if you really want a polymer DA/SA gun. CDNN is advertising them for under $400 NIB. I would look at the CZ-75 compact .40 if you want a premium .40 DA/SA and don't mind some weight from a metal frame. And personally I would get a Glock 23 or a M&P .40 if you primarily want a reasonable weight and size CCW gun.
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