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The following from JPFO. Thought others might find it interesting.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by alan, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. alan

    alan Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    sowest pa.
    America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

    June 14, 2006



    Dear Mr. Mueller,

    I understand that recently the FBI joined with the Bureau
    of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in conducting
    a raid on a manufacturing business in Montana. Reports
    indicate that in the course of questioning, the FBI seemed
    concerned about the manufacturer's associates, including
    myself, Aaron Zelman, and my organization, Jews for the
    Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and about Jews and guns
    in general. The FBI referred to these as "persons of

    While I do not consider yourself to be "of interest" to me,
    Mr. Mueller, the FBI is, for two reasons.

    First, I would like to draw your attention to
    http://www.jpfo.org/doddletter.pdf, which is a photocopy of
    a 1968 letter from congressional law librarian Lewis C.
    Coffin to then-Senator Thomas Dodd. The letter, introduced
    as evidence (exhibit #62) before the congressional
    subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency in 1968,
    reveals that Senator Dodd had in his possession a copy --
    in German -- of the original text of the Nazi Weapons Law
    of 1938 _prior to the drafting of the US 1968 Gun Control

    As demonstrated in our book, _"Gun Control": Gateway to
    Tyranny_, this is extremely significant because Senator
    Dodd assisted in the writing of the GCA, and the final
    version of the GCA is eerily similar to the above-
    referenced Nazi Weapons Law.

    Related, please see www.jpfo.org/declasseddocs.pdf, a June
    7, 2006 article entitled, "Declassified Documents Shed New
    Light on US Relations with Former Nazi Criminals". The
    focus of the article is the eight million pages of
    documents recently released which deal with German and
    Japanese war crimes during World War II. The documents
    demonstrate that the US often overlooked or even protected
    known Nazi war criminals, merely because said criminals
    were or could be of use to the US. States the article, "The
    price one pays for consorting with evil men far outweighs
    the return."

    Considering your bureau's apparent preoccupation with Jews
    and firearms, and the historical indifference the US paid
    to Nazi war criminals during and after WWII, I believe
    millions of gunowners would be very interested to know
    whether you personally are aware of the Nazi origins of
    "gun control," and when -- or if -- the FBI has done any
    investigations into the racism and bigotry reflected in our
    current firearms laws. If not, why not?

    The second reason for this letter is the Congressional
    Research Service's report on the lack of standardized
    testing procedures and policies in the BATFE's firearms
    division (see http://www.jpfo.org/ATFguntests.pdf ). The
    BATFE has sent hundreds -- if not thousands -- of gunowners
    to prison for "firearms violations" ... yet the CRS report
    clearly indicates that the decisions on whether a firearm
    is legal or illegal is arbitrary and spurious at best.

    Don't believe me? In our DVD entitled "BATFE Fails the
    Test" (http://www.jpfo.org/batfevideo.htm), you can watch
    as a self-proclaimed BATFE firearms "expert" attempts to
    force a semi-automatic rifle to rapid-fire (and thus
    "prove" the rifle is an illegal machine gun). Fortunately
    for the BATFE's victim, a _real_ expert demonstrates that
    the rifle was malfunctioning, and the case was eventually

    Not everyone is so lucky, as tests are seldom videotaped
    and the sentencing judge is left with the BATFE's word
    against the accused. Unsurprisingly, the BATFE's statements
    are usually given greater credence. (Please contact us if
    you would like a copy of the DVD for your research).

    Untold numbers of Americans are currently rotting in prison
    for alleged violations. Even more live in fear that a
    single malicious or incompetent agent can capriciously
    order an investigation or conduct a raid like the one in
    Montana, destroying a person personally and financially.
    Now that the truth is out, will the FBI be investigating
    the BATFE? If you have, what were the results of your
    investigation? If not, why not?

    Millions of gun owners are waiting to hear from you, Mr.
    Mueller. Will the FBI continue to protect an organization
    known for its brutal "enforcement" of laws born out of a
    racist agenda? Or will you pursue justice?

    I look forward to your response.


    Aaron Zelman
    Executive Director
    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
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