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The Magic Bullet - How We Will Win Our 2A Rights Back in '04

Discussion in 'Legal' started by shooterx10, May 14, 2003.

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  1. shooterx10

    shooterx10 Member

    May 8, 2003
    The Magic Bullet - How We Will Win
    Our 2A Rights Back in '04
    By Jennifer Freeman

    What if we told you about a magic bullet that would help all of us retain our Second Amendment rights? Those of you who are reading this article have already demonstrated your commitment to preserving and strengthening our natural right to self defense. It is you that we have to thank for the rights we still have.

    The gun-banners have been fighting hard to strip us of our rights and they have numerous advantages over us. Gun-ban organizations have the full cooperation of the news media as well as daytime and late night talk shows. They have a seemingly endless stream of financial contributions. And they are well connected to powerful senior and local politicians across the nation.

    We have one additional disadvantage, however, and it isn't from the gun-ban group. Many gun owners, enthusiasts, and supporters simply do not vote. It is this basic fact that has caused the fight to be so grueling and has even cost us some valuable rights. By not voting, we enable Dianne Feinstein to bully President Bush into renewing the "assault weapons" ban. By not voting, we allow Carolyn McCarthy to introduce the most heinous firearms ban this nation has ever seen. By not voting, we render ourselves irrelevant to politicians.

    Many of the proposed firearm bans and ammunition taxes may become law. Then again they might not. It depends on us and how well we fight against it. On the other hand, if gun owners had simply voted in the first place, we might all be out shooting right now instead of talking about voting and whether or not we will lawfully be able to own a Mini-14 or 10/22 next year.

    It is time for gun owners, supporters, and enthusiasts to make their vote one of the most coveted in the nation. Politicians talk about appealing to black voters, Hispanic voters, women voters, union voters, senior citizen voters, and the like. It is time now for our legislators to realize the power of the gun voters. :cuss:

    Rather than beg politicians to support a certain bill, it's time for politicians to appeal to us to secure their legislative careers.

    We will accomplish this by registering to vote in droves and then voting for the most pro-Second Amendment candidate available - even if that means voting for a third party candidate.

    Remember, the last presidential election was won by only a few thousand votes. Imagine what 88 million gun owners can do.

    Thank you for your support!

    Here is the link.
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