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    In order to reduce clutter and save space on the 'front page,' I'm collecting the former 'sticky' threads into one 'library' thread. Just click on the tread title below to go to the thread. Any new 'sticky worthy' threads will be added here, so check back here occasionally to see if there is anything new.


    Read before Posting: Legal Considerations of Posting on the Internet


    Mindset for the Justification of Deadly Force

    "Brandishing", and "When Can I Draw"?

    What to Do after a Self Defense Encounter

    Citizens Arrest and the Detention of a Suspect by a Private citizen

    Thoughts on choosing a Trainer or a School to attend... Bullfrog Ken

    Armed Self Defense Training Links - SHOOTING SCHOOLS/INSTRUCTORS ETC. ... Lee Lapin

    Practice Drills... Byron Quick

    Trouble Searching THR? If You Like Google, Try This...

    What Happened To My Post?

    Carrying Handloads for Self Defense

    Don't Crowd Cover!

    Key Competencies for Defensive Handgun Carry

    An Overview of Basic "Use of Force" Law

    Civil Liability, Civil Immunity, and the Use of Force

    How Many Rounds to Carry?

    How Many Rounds to Carry? (Continuation)
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Thread Status:
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