This is possibly the coolest rifle in the history of the universe

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"The firepower is quite substantial. Eight rounds of .416 Remington Magnum should be able to get you out of almost anything that you get yourself into."

Ha ha ha - Ian does have an understated way with words.
Well that's definitely not something you see every day, or have ever seen for that matter!

Not something I have any use for but still would be cool to have, just for the pure uniqueness of it!
Behold the Szecsei & Fuchs Double Barrel Bolt action.

So beautiful and functional. Drooling....

Would love to have it in a smaller caliber, but not sure which one.

Yes Danny, this is the coolest rifle in the universe. It even beats the Remington Model 8/81. Just amazing. According to Ian, they will build you one in whatever caliber you want. Being a European rifle, I'd want mine in 7x57 which might be the coolest cartridge in the universe...or at least a contender for the title anyway.
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