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Wow! I never fired. Revolver, and now I probably never will.
Unless you're totally inept, you have to try to put your hand where the side blast would get you. I shot revolvers for 15 years before I fired a semiauto for the first time. It wasn't because I was afraid of "hammer bite" or pinching my thumb in the slide. Give it a shot (pun intended), you'll like it.
Wow! I never fired. Revolver, and now I probably never will.
Nothing wrong with firing revolvers. Just remember to treat the business end of each chamber as a barrel.

It is not a good idea to get body parts near the breech end of an autoloader, either, when firing it. There is no barrel/cylinder gap, but a blown primer, a blown case, or hot gases escaping past the chamber wall can be a problem.
Not at all, trying to hijack the thread, but it definitely reminded me of a guy that I used to work with. He was always doing crazy stuff with hot dogs. He had a jig rigged up (he was an electrician) that he would plug-in to a regular outlet, there would be a loud bang, and he would have a cooked hotdog to eat :) often the breaker was tripped too. Yes, I know how and what he did. And yes I may have done something similar. But I’m purposely being vague. Lol
He also line one up at about 4” from the end of a bagged rifle and would try to get a bullet all the way through. Also wrapped a package of hotdogs up in an highly ridiculous number of large firecrackers… called it his “dog-burgers”…
Ok… memory lane trip done…
Years ago I was trying different grip techniques and got my thumb in the way of B/C blast shooting my S&W 442 .38 Spl. Lesson Learned…Big Time!

Using a thumbs forward grip on a Glock works great. Not so much with a revolver. You can use a similar grip, just curl your thumbs.
It’s similar to those revolver shooters that curl their support hand thumb over the top of the strong hand thumb. Works great on a revolver for some people. And it works great only once with a semiauto. ;) It hurts like a mother…
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