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Dec 21, 2002
Note: The Legal Forum is for the discussion of the law as it is and how the law actually applies in RKBA matters, not the way we think things should be or the way we wish they were. Comments and opinions should be based on legal principles and supported where appropriate with reference to legal authority, including court decisions, statutes and scholarly articles. Comments based on wishful thinking may be openly refuted or simply deleted by the staff.

Remember also that this board is a "public" place and that nothing posted here should be considered confidential.

Let's reiterate the main mission and goals of THR:

  • Introduce new people to RKBA
  • Support new shooters with information and encouragement
  • Present a civil, peaceable and friendly image of gun owners to the world
  • Organize actions to protect and expand our rights

Changes in THR structure to facilitate those goals:
  • The Legal Forum is now for legal issues only. When giving advice, please endeavor to provide links or references to original documents, laws and other relevant resources. Please keep the topics related to guns and RKBA.
  • Political topics go into the Activism Discussion Forum -- provided they are accompanied by plans of action. Mere griping is no longer appropriate for THR. If you want to discuss an injustice or a political development, propose a remedy!

Special care must be taken to ensure that we appear as reasonable and peaceable to the world as possible. Antis are sure to pluck even a rare example of uncivil, bigoted or Rambo conduct out of context and use against us. With that in mind, make sure that remedy of shooting anyone is only considered if all other legal options are exhausted. No more "feed the hogs!" or "from my cold dead hands!" If we ever come to that, the last thing you want is a discussion of tactics in an open forum, where the likely opposition can read and which they can use to justify bigger budgets and heavier armor.

Conduct becoming ladies and gentlemen is expected, without religious, national or other prejudices. That means no slurs on Californians, French, Muslims, cops, women or anyone else. If a particular group of people does something you dislike, let their actions speak for themselves. When debating, please avoid the typical logical fallacies common to debates at lesser forums. Remember that we should be more interested in a Socratic discourse, a search for the truth, and how to deal with the law more than on winning the debates.

Thank you,
The THR Staff
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