Three Deer?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Picher, Nov 5, 2021.

  1. Picher

    Picher Member

    Nov 27, 2003

    This photo reminded me of a deer-hunting trek, gone weird.

    I was only about 15yrs old and hunting near a wetland with my B-I-L in China, Maine. I'd been on a trail in light alders, near a bog, when I spied some fur beyond the low crotch of a hardwood, about 60 yards into the wooded area beyond the light alder patch. The fur moved slightly, like a deer was lying, maybe sleeping beyond it. After watching for what seemed an eternity, a head popped up, but it was a raccoon! A neighbor had told me to shoot one for him if I had the chance, so I put the old Bolt-Action Savage 'O6's 2X Weaver crosshair on it and FIRED! The darned coon, quickly climbed the tree, so I worked the action and shot again! The coon fell off the tree, then came around the trunk and headed toward me! Worked the bolt again and fired a third time!!! Dang...that's the toughest danged coon I ever saw!!! I went to see my what had to be the shredded coon, but to my surprise, there were THREE! One still in the hollow crotch of the tree with not much left of it's head.

    Now, my B-I-L yelled, "Did you get it?" I yelled back that I got THREE (knowing that he'd think I'd gotten 3 deer). Well, he sounded like a freight train coming through the young alders and when he arrived, there were "unmentionable expletives" flying. After that, we called him "thrasher"!

    I gave the least-damaged coon to the old man from camp and prepared the others for cooking.
  2. Kingcreek

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    Dec 24, 2002
    at the center of my own little universe
    That pic reminded me of a story.
    One afternoon I climbed into my tree stand to bow hunt Illinois whitetail. About 30 minutes of light left and I hear movement and scratching sounds.
    A tree next to the one my stand was in had a hollow about 6 feet below me with a raccoon waking up from its day nap looking at me.
    I took out my bottle of doe in heat urine and hit him in the face with a squirt of it. It bailed out and down the tree and hustled off through the woods.
    I always wondered what kind of a night that coon had as he laid that scent trail.
  3. Highland Lofts

    Highland Lofts Member

    May 1, 2019
    Probably the winner of the inter-speiciecs award.
    Could you imagine a deer that could climb trees.
  4. Meeks36

    Meeks36 Member

    Jun 9, 2019
    Only coon I ever got was the one taking my neighbors apples. Set a trap. Didn’t fall for it. So me my two friends and the neighbors where sitting on there porch. When it showed up around 3 pm. We got it. Although it was a bad. Only had pellet rifles. Took quite a few. Chased it for what seemed like miles. Death blow was a huge rock. We were 11 at the time. Found memories of running through the woods growing up. I wish ever yougin could have what we had. 100+ acres good friends and plenty of bbs and pellets.
  5. 1eyeedshooter

    1eyeedshooter Member

    Oct 29, 2021
    All the old coon hunters are gone, a LGS tried to have a coon hunting contest, 3 teams showed up he still had it know one cared who win it !!!
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