Traded from single action to double action

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by roval, Dec 10, 2021.

  1. roval

    roval Member

    Apr 8, 2011
    New Mexico
    I decided to trade in my Ruger Single Ten 22LR for a Smith and Wesson 617-6 with a 6 inch barrel.
    Loading and unloading the single action was too tedious and the cylinder sometimes binds up with certain brands of ammo after shooting a while(just from crud). I also don't shoot it as well as I would like. I saw a 617 last week and after several days of mulling it over and watching youtube videos on the 617, I decided to trade in my single ten. Luckily the owner of the shop was there and gave me a good trade in price for my ruger single ten $450. (The Single Nine 22 magnum I bought a few months before back then in 2013 was $470 so it must have been priced similarly). Of course MRSP has now gone up to $839. The 617 was priced at $800 so i spent $350 plus the fulltax on the new gun. I noticed that the regular employees are more convervative in the trade in values as I suspect they don't want to get called out by the owner for overpaying for a used gun.

    I hope the 617 lives up to it's hype. At least it will be cheaper to practice double action shooting without staging compared to shooting 38 specials out of my 586. I will probably replace rebound slide spring later on. I will try to go to the range this weekend.

  2. UncleEd

    UncleEd Member

    Feb 28, 2015
    N. Georgia
    Some years ago I was having
    trouble with very sticky to hard
    to extract .22 cases from a DA
    Smith revolver. I mentioned this
    to my go-to dealer at the time.

    He offered me a brick of old .22s
    and counseled, "Try these." No
    more sticking. No more difficult
    extraction. (It wasn't just this
    particular DA Smith; others that
    I owned suffered the same malady.)

    He explained that the older .22s had
    thicker brass that didn't expand upon
    firing. The new ammo on the market
    featured thinner (read "cheaper")
    brass walls. It tended to always expand
    and make extraction difficult.

    Not saying you'll have difficult extraction
    sometimes but you might experience
    such with your new gun.
  3. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Member

    Oct 19, 2010
    East TN
    In general, I prefer shooting DA revolvers. Center fire SA revolvers and I do not get along very well.

    But I do enjoy shooting my Ruger Single Six. My Single Six has dispatched more opossums and raccoons than I can remember (opossums carry diseases that are deadly to our horses).

    I have a couple S&W Model 17's and enjoy shooting them as well.

    The full under lug barrel that the Model 617 has is a personnel preference thing. I have some revolvers with a full underlug barrels and some that do not. It really does not make a difference to me although my 8-3/8" barrel 357 Magnum Model 686 is very nose heavywhen compared to my 8-3/8" Model 17.

    I've had some problems with difficult case extraction from my 22 RF DA revolvers. Some brands extract easily, other brands do not. I've found the brands that work well in my revolvers and try to stick with them.

    As an aside, my semi-auto 22RF guns don't seem to care and eject about everything I feed them. I guess when you are trying to eject a cylinder full of empty cases, the force required is much greater than trying to eject one case at a time.

    Enjoy your S&W Model 617.
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  4. roval

    roval Member

    Apr 8, 2011
    New Mexico
    i hope there's no problems with extraction but i should know sometime this weekend.
  5. Pat Riot
    • Contributing Member

    Pat Riot Contributing Member

    May 21, 2015
    West Virginia
    I love my single actions but I must admit that in .22 I prefer a double action. Not sure why.

    When I bought my model 17-3 it was used and had been fired a bit. No idea how much but it looks and shoots great.
    I found that I had sticky cases especially with higher velocity rounds. I polished the chambers with Flitz polish and a .22 bore mop chucked in my drill driver. That helped a great deal.
  6. JCooperfan1911

    JCooperfan1911 Member

    Oct 8, 2020
    I hate those internal locks.
  7. Tallball

    Tallball Member

    Oct 2, 2014
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    NIGHTLORD40K Member

    Mar 17, 2015
    Nostramo (in absentia), Segmentum Ultima
    Nice 617!

    I liked my early Single Six, but got tired of whacking the cylinder face constantly trying to hit the charge holes with the ejector

    I'll never sell my M17, even if I were starving. It would be useful for taking small game.....
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  9. CajunBass

    CajunBass Member

    Jun 2, 2005
    North Chesterfield, Virginia
    An easy cure for difficult extraction of 22 cases, at least in my experience, is to cut suitable sized patches from a lead wipe away cloth and use them to scrub the charge holes, then follow up with normal cleaning. Repeat as necessary.
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