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Treso vs. SlixShot nipples & those TotW offerings

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by unknwn, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. unknwn

    unknwn Member

    Oct 22, 2010
    Here's a run-on group of questions directed at someone out there who might have spent an awful lot of money on the available replacement C&B revolver nipples out there. Of the three distinct brands mentioned in this thread, we can be sure that they all will function reliably with SOMEONE'S available #10 or #11 cap, so we're only considering material makeup and/or particular features as being the selling point UNLESS any of the candidates has a documented problem working with the caps that seem readily available to most of the readers of these forums.
    It just hurts too much monetarily to try out the different nipples when you'd bet that someone else has already "been there - done that" .
    I for one would appreciate all the benefits derived from of another shooter's experiences of thier prior experimentation.

    Since it has been established that there doesn't seem to be any truly less expensive percussion cap nipple out there, If a fella were to be willing to spend just under $40.00 per 1/2 dozen pieces, is there a winning argument for buying the Ampco bronze Treso nipples -or- these new SlixShot nipples that sound as if they are a re-introduction of some past good idea(s) ( i.e. Hot Shot - Uncle Mikes ??) with the vented cones and being made of stainless steel?

    I've read that the benefit of the SlixShot nipples is that supposedly the combination of the cross vent holes in the cone waist, the enlarged flame channel profile, and the fine edge of the hammer face of the nipple will allow the use of a lighter hammer spring which consequently results in less likelyhood that the spent caps are going to be pulverized into fragments which tend to fall into Colt style guns and bind them up, and just pollute the grip area of ROA & Remmi shooters which will burn a shooter's hands.

    Are they gimmick? Are they more effective & more valuable than Tresos?

    For that matter, Track of the Wolf offers Ampco bronze nipples that aren't? branded Treso? (but are just about the same price) , Do those TotW nipples have similiar physical characteristics to the Tresos (vent hole size, flame channel shape, cone/hammer well diameter & edge design?) or do they just share the material makeup?
    Are the Tresos better than Ampco TotW nipples?
    If the Ampco TotW nipples & Tresos ONLY share material makeup, do all of the other TotW nipples (Ampco - hardened steel - stainless steel ) share the same physical dimensions?
    Is it worth the extra cost ($12-15.00 per set) for the Ampco bronze TotW vs. thier stainless or hardened steel variants? I guess I should further clarify - Wll the Ampco bronze nipples outlast the stainless or hardened steel varieties as to make the price difference negligible?

    I'll qualify my nipple quest and insistance on some answers with an inventory of my C&Bs (which may seem piddleling to some with larger collections) :
    Of Piettas, I currently have six (and we all know,that number will likely grow) , there are only two Rugers , along with a single ASM. So out of nine guns currently, I NEED just one set of nipples right away,today, but through attrition or maybe just preference there will be hundreds of dollars spent on replacement nipples in my lifetime for this small but growing minor C&B revolver arsenal. If I can glean some good information from answers that this post receives I just might order uo three or four sets right away to offset the costs for shipping individual sets and hopefully benefit multiple times for a single order of a suggested superior? nipple design/brand/ect. right away.
    Can I plead for someone's experience & wisdom on this matter, so that this conundrum might possibly be behind me & I'm instead just poppin' caps and producing big clouds of smoke?
    I hope that I've been able to format this post so that it is -sort of- easy to read and understand. I also realize that maybe there isn't a single responder out there that can answer all the variations of the questions I've posed.
    I'd like to thank all and everyone willing to devote whatever time and effort it might take to answer this group of questions.

    Adieu ,
  2. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Member

    Apr 5, 2009
    High and dry at Lake of the Ozarks, MO

    I ran a test of the Slix Shot Nipples when they first came out. You can find the Cas City thread that includes the initial reception of them here http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,42493.0.html

    Then there is the follow up thread on the improved Uberti nipples here:

    Finally, I shot 13 stages (65 rounds per pistol) at a SASS regional match this past weekend using the slix shots, Remington #10 caps and Wolff reduced power hammer springs in my Uberti '61 Navies. Other than a couple light hits because I didn't keep the hammer arch clean of fouling, the revolvers worked near perfectly. Most all exploded caps stayed on the nipples and only came off after the stage was over.

    Treso nipples will provide the same reliability with #10 Remingtons with the exception that I have not been able to use the reduced power springs reliably. The blowback will push the hammer back & mess up the timing.

    I have not shot a match with a Pietta outfitted with Slix Shot nipples; but expect the same results when I do. My experiance with Treso's in a Pietta is the same as with a Uberti.
  3. arcticap

    arcticap Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    Central Connecticut
    Ruger Old Army Aftermarket Nipples

    AbitNutz has posted a lot about his experience with various Ruger aftermarket nipples, often shooting hotter loads of 777 with conicals:


    Posts #9 & #12 are about the Slix-Shot:


    Single posts:




    These posts are about the RWS 1075+ caps and Blomquist hex head nipples:




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