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True life

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by poperb, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. poperb

    poperb Member

    Sep 25, 2005
    First off I do not reglarly watch MTV, but sometimes I catch the series true life. Next weeks title is "I own a handgun". They showed a guy hunting, a gang member, and a young girl with a handgun. Now if this is not sterotyping then I do not know what is. I know this is one more reason not to watch MTV. But we now have the liberal media once again teaching young people that guns kill people, not that people kill people, not guns. I just needed to vent. Maybe one day people will become less scared of the guns and realize there are stupid people in the world who unfourtantly own guns.
  2. spin180

    spin180 Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    As distorted as MTV is, True Life is possibly the only show on the network that won't spin the issue.

    True Life simply follows a few people, documenting their life as it pertains to a particular issue. There's typically not any commentary from the MTV people, just perspective from the people being featured.

    I think there's some hope for this one, and will be worth watching.

    First airing is Dec. 29th, 10:00 P.M. Repeats on Dec. 30th @ 9:00 P.M. and Jan. 1st @ 2:00 P.M.

    Here are links to the past threads about this...


  3. Bridger

    Bridger Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    NY, PA
    They were looking on here for people too. I actually met up with the people making it, but I don't think I had enough drama in my life for them. I mostly hunt squirrels which they didn't find to exciting, I collect old war rifles, and when they asked me if there was any disagreement with my parents, I said there was and then I got guns and that was the end of that disagreement.

    I don't think they will spin it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the people they have are not shining examples *coughcoughgangmember?cough*. If the hunter is a redneckish type, well, then you'll be right about the stereotyping.
  4. Black92LX

    Black92LX Member

    Jul 12, 2003
    i have a feeling it's going to get spun no doubt about it!
    that's just the way it is.

    I was interviewed over the phone for the show but never got a call back. Think it would have been interesting but yeah they stuck with the stereotypes unfortunatly
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