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(UK) Gun flint maker comes to aid of TV programme

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Drizzt, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Moscow on the Colorado, TX
    Gun flint maker comes to aid of TV programme

    WHEN the makers of ITV period drama Hornblower needed 500 traditionally-made gun flints they ran into trouble – the craft died out hundreds of years ago.

    But Stetchworth flint expert Richard Stanbridge is attempting to revive the ancient art of flintknapping and was happy to help out.

    Richard, 40, recently set up a company making gun flints for battle re-enactments across the world. He knew he had his work cut out for him when the order came in for the seabound television series.

    He started out as a carpenter and bricklayer but was inspired to specialise in flint 17 years ago when he was given the job of building an extension using the stone.

    Since then he has established himself as a respected authority on flint and regularly travels the country repairing flint walls and churches.

    He recognised a niche in the market for gun flint makers after the rise in popularity of re-enactment groups in England, America and Europe.

    He said: "I think there is one other gentleman who does it but he is up north.

    "The market I am trying to go for is America because they love anything historical and a lot of re-enactment groups have started to recommend me all over the place.

    "I have looked into the history of it and studied books on it, the craft was practiced about 200 years ago and everyone knew the best place to get them from was Brandon in Suffolk so I have called my business Gun Flints of Brandon.

    "I mainly specialise in flint work and I don't mind the distance I have to travel so long as it's an interesting job."

  2. sixgun_symphony

    sixgun_symphony member

    Jan 1, 2003

    I usually buy my flints from Dixie Gun Works, but I am going to have to look this guy up.
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