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Upright vs Canisters

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by sm, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    Upright vs Canisters

    Yeah, vacuum cleaners.

    “Hi everyone! I am making Steve write this, he had me laughing so hard I almost peed my jeans; I am still wiping tears when I think about it. See I am still getting some butterflies about something I have to do with shotguns. Original time delayed, and the waiting is killing me! Steve said he had an idea to assist in “shooing butterflies”, quality practice time and “informative testing and evaluation”.


    *sniff*, Murphy’s Oil soap sure smells nice on a wooden computer desk, and a wood kitchen table. I would be using HBR’s computer desk, but seems she bust out laughing and tumped her coffee. Reaction is quicker than action , I still gots the “lift and swoop” skills - another laptop rescued.

    For what it is worth, them wooden round dealies,[“called a Lazy Suzan dummy”] are great for laptops on a kitchen table , alleviates scooting the laptop back and forth between two folks…like just what happened…


    [ I hate that short shift key on this laptop
    “It fits my hands just fine”
    Maybe be fine for you…but mine is full size and mine does not just reach out and grab my pinkie.
    ‘I am a girl, besides guys are always getting…
    Don’t go there.

    Willie & Waylon were on the radio…

    ”them that don’t know him won’t like him
    and them that do won’t know how to take ‘em
    he ain’t wrong he’s just different…

    <Lazy Susan “ you should see Steve doing the steering wheel tap to this, grinning, sun reflecting off his dirty blond hair and the gray in his moustache>

    Thems “highlights”, “character”, “wear mark's…not gray – you got it?

    <Lazy Susan, by the way if Steve says “hold on” and is gonna take a hard right…hold on, he means it...

    There he was the Devil hisself, his side kick was Sears.

    They were sitting outside of a Dumpster, come to find out heading our way, “ get in the bed of the truck and shut up!”.

    Ladies give guys real funny looks when you got company in the bed of the truck.

    Now at the shooting place we have them volley ball poles, you know the ones- poles stuck in concrete with a used tire for a base. Not sure what happened to the net, helluva volleyball player back when …

    Gots these “upgraded”. Run lines to hold targets, and if you position the other ones, you can from a safe spot run targets back and forth to practice shooting moving targets. Do other stuff like hang stuff out to dry if need…

    So HBR at this point is just keeping her distance. Notice folks do that when I get to thinking , figuring , scheming…I already knew what I was gonna do ,not my first rodeo…

    First I laid out the tarp, then…

    Dirt Devil got a busted red kickball for a head, cut a couple of slits, then insert sticks – got horns, pull out that thingamajig [“hose for vacuum to pull debris into bag”] yeah that thing, and you got a tail. That other old piece of tarp wrapped like a barber does with a clothespin…walla!

    The sears canister vacuum, not sure if the Devil got a pet, so I made him a mutant zombie, something or other.

    <Lazy Susan > “Looks like a Armadillo mated with a Jack-a-Lope”>

    Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Besides , all you gotta do is snag junk needing to go to Dumpster, then get it all in a tarp you are going to throw out anyway…Called Recycling, just nobody says you can’t shoot this stuff first…

    See this dealie HBR gotta do is …well…She is gonna spit in the Devils eye and shove that pitchfork so far ….


    “No. Got to have the right Music for this…What CD is the Stones’ “Symphony for the Devil on?’

    “Symphony for the Devil “

    I knew that, I really did…

    See back in the day that song got a lot of folks upset. Now Mick and the boys explained how it was against the Elite.

    Sounded good to me, and my kind, so we too adapted it to mean going against Tyranny, the Elite, Folks buying skills and targets…it is a great song…We are talking of the Stones here folks!

    I foundeded it, stuck it into the player and cranked that puppy up!

    “Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and fame…”

    First gun was the BB Gun, target was a couple of ping pong balls that …err…I forgot to mention the electrical tape and Weed- Whacker string above didn’t’ I…

    <Lazy Suzan> “Devil hollered a bunch of octaves higher when I got thru with him…”

    I think she got a bit concerned when I tied the rope from the Devil to my truck …

    “So where is COM?”
    ‘I’d go for the “Open Here To Change Bag” myself…

    ...she figured it out right fast when the Devil was coming at her …

    She nailed the Devil with a slug.

    Tueller Drill, Southern Style! I kept backing up, resetting, and hitting the gas…her shucking , shooting, and smirking.

    Well the Devil ain’t got much left to spit on …


    Scratch that…nothing left to spit on or shove up…

    So then I got this idea mutant zombie Devil pets might fly, I don’t know, that has never come up in a Forum thread before…

    So I tied this critter up between the poles tied a rope to him, head down, and if’n you do it right, resembles a tetherball going around and around…or a zombie dust bowl going in circles…

    HBR taking head shots, then as parts fell out, kept working her way up…even shot the tail.

    All this fits into a tarp all roped up to be dropped back at the Dumpster.

    <Lazy Suzan> He did pull me a round of skeet, and I practiced shooting slugs at orange clays set on wire hangers”.

    Just making sure the lady does not become ”too” used to shooting programmed targets, get in a rut, or allow complacency to set in when “predictable” targets are not going to be presented.

    <HBR> Steve says kind of a toss up on how to kill a vacuum cleaner. [hang on Steve is going to tell me] Oh my! Steve just told me the other way, he says he “done kilt six” that other way.

    Hey, other than darn near peeing yourself, spilling stuff and making the place smell like Murphy’s Oil Soap, ducking down so as to not been seen with me…

    What butterflies? What Devil?

    Seems to me today’s’ goal was reached; trigger time, loads evaluated, and you had a lot fun doing so.

    Upright vs Canisters?

    Hellifno what is best for you folks…

    Like I keep saying, YOU have to test YOUR Guns and loads for YOUR Tasks.

    I know, HBR knows…do you?

    Which is one is Dave?
    Because you forgot to warn him at the beginning to put down his coffee
    He'll figure it out soon enough...just look for the guy spewing coffee and swearing my name in vain...
    Like I said, which one...?
  2. Chipperman

    Chipperman Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Essex Co, MA

    (It's "Sympathy for the Devil" by the way) ;)
  3. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    I knew that...I really did.

    You try typing on a laptop placed on a round thingamajig that keeps getting turned away from you, and the owner of said laptop keeps erupting in laughter...
    ...and you are not going to get to edit it either.

    tain't easy I tell ya...:)

    Boy got his own way of interpeting things...
  4. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus

    Mar 26, 2004
    AL, NC
    ...hardly know what to say.

    Moving targets/charging targets are good. Vacuum cleaners are... different.

    Boy always WAS different.

  5. kudu
    • Contributing Member

    kudu Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 17, 2003
    north central indiana
    :eek: That boy ain't right... :scrutiny:
  6. foghornl

    foghornl Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    Dang it, I shoulda known better than to try eating lunch while reading this thread.... :cuss:

    Now I got a sinus-cavity strained gravy-n-swiss-steak filled keyboard...
  7. Grayrock

    Grayrock Member

    Jan 21, 2003
    The great state of TEXAS
    Well- as long as we're talking about home appliances- can anyone recommend a water softener?:D
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