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Very happy with gunsmith!

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Genghis, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Genghis

    Genghis Member

    Mar 15, 2005
    Tyler, TX
    I just got my P14.45 back from Mike Caylor, and I could not be happier with his work. After the rear sight came off and hit me in the face during a match last month, I took it straight to him and asked him to install a new one, along with a fiber front sight and some other stuff. He refinished the entire gun with a black Teflon finish. He melted the rear sight into the slide, so it’s really low profile. His trigger job really smoothed and lightened it up. He stippled the grips, and the gun just looks awesome.

    I don’t want to say what he charged me, but I can tell you he really took care of me.

    Several times Mike called me with some advice and updates on the progress. He really worked with me to meet my needs, keeping the gun legal for both USPSA Limited and IDPA CDP. He knows the rules because he has shot a lot of USPSA and IDPA. And he only had the gun for a month. He brought it to a match on Sunday, along with guns for several other people, and let me tell you it was like Christmas!

    I got the gun right before Sunday’s match, and it’s the only time I’ve been shooting (in the match with my Glock) and wished I was shooting (with the Para). It looks like a brand new gun. The saying “Form follows function” seems to apply here - if the function is beautiful, the form has a beauty all its own. I can’t wait to shoot it.
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