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(Video now attached) 10.5" 458 SOCOM + aluminum slugs = FIREBALL

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Big44mag, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Big44mag

    Big44mag Member

    Feb 5, 2008
    Bristow, VA


    34gr of Alliant 2400
    Lehigh 100gr CQB slugs
    COL 2.067
    Velocity out of my 16” 458 is around 2850fps but I haven’t used the chronograph on my 10.5” with this load yet.


    I didn’t have an editor at the time.

    Not as bad as you would think, more bright than anything else.

    Ballistics are on par with a 45/70 so as long as your range can handle that you’d be ok. It was empty, the closest shooter was several bays away and we know each other so he was ok with it.

    It is extremely loud with those slugs, the 405, 300 and 325gr slugs I normally shoot have a good bit of pop but the aluminum ones have an amazing boom to them. Why not a 10.5” 458?, going from a 16" to a 10.5" I only lose about 80fps. That is with 300, 325 and 405gr slugs though, like I said before, I haven't chronographed these yet.

    Yes, aluminum.




    That is what they are advertized as, Defense / CQB. I couldn’t imagine shooting that in a dark house without hearing protection though. I did some testing on phonebooks and the slug managed to make it into the second book, the only deformation was the aluminum surrounding the hollow cavity snapped off into 3 or 4 separate pieces like petals but the rest of the slug stayed together. Unfortunately I can’t find that slug or I would post pics.

    Not that I know of, they are coated with a film from the factory I assume to keep that from happening.

    Here is the vid, just had to shorten it a bit.

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