Walker vs. 1858 Rem

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by brewer12345, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Hope you have plenty of time....
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    I really prefer the Whitneyville Dragoon over the Walker. It has the same grip style as the Walker but a bit more manageable at 4.2#..

    My Uberti (date code CU) from last year's production.


    The earlier ones produced by Uberti did not have the bolt/trigger screws protrude through to the right side of the frame which is historically correct.



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    May 18, 2013
    From the time I started tuning revolvers, friends/customers identified my "tuning" as being "Goonerized " (Goons Gun Works).

    Today it typically means a highly refined and heavily modified S.A. revolver. Over the years I have developed my own coil spring action for the Colt (open top models as well as the Model P and their copies), a better spring setup /location for the 3 screw Ruger, and the first ever coil spring action for the Remington ('58, '75 + '90). All of these include an action stop and a bolt block.
    I will also do a more " classic " tuning of the flat springs if that is what the customer wants. Some other features included are a cap post (keeps caps from falling into the open top action), arbor length correction (open top mods.), hardening and cleaning up the screws/screw pins along with brushed or polished finish with fire blueing. Added features may include an action shield for keeping fouling out of the action and interference pins which keep action screws from loosening . . . ever!

    There's a lot more to the service but this is a general idea of what "Goonerizing" entails.

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