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Walther p990

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by woerm, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. woerm

    woerm Member

    Feb 27, 2004
    Glitter Gulch, LSR

    I have friend who had many years ago a Walther Presidential,

    he subsiquently switched to revolvers. Now he is looking at autos again.

    he is looking at


    any thoughts on the p990 that I could relay would be helpfull so far I've sent this missive:

    <Buddy's name redacted>,

    I have zilch info at hand on the Walther p990, I have handled a p22 and it was really nice.

    but I'd refer you to a pair of gunboards I monitor

    has a pair of forums general gun discussion and handgun discussion


    has a new gun owner forum

    what ever gun you decide on I'd recommend you practice, practice, practice.

    personally about the only firearm on my acquire list is a Rock Island Armory .45

    I love irony, a Phillipine made gov't .45

    the .45 acp was invented because the .38 military pistol (auto and revolver) wasn't stopping Morro/Fillipino guerrillas.

    Since you have had an auto in the past I'll skip a page or so of safety info.

    but for cleaning what ever you acquire go find a boresnake in the the caliber required. It makes gun cleaning a real breeze. also don't use wd-40 for guncleaning. use Breakfree for lube and get a couple of cans of Birchwood Casey gun scrubber.

    on bore snake pour hoppe #9 on front by cleaning wires, put some breakfree behind the cleaning wires then run bore snake through magwell into chamber
    pull through, repeat til bore is shiny.

    field strip gun, hose down w/ gunscrubber, dab breakfree on .30 cal patch wipe parts reassemble.

    practice field stripping til you can do it w/ eyes closed.

    practice shooting til you are getting 1.5" groups or smaller.

    I'll relay further info as I find it.

    <end snip>

    anything you all can add re the p990 accuracy reliablity functions etc ?

  2. teCh0010

    teCh0010 Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    I have a P99 and like it. It's not hard to conceal, it fits my hand well, it's accurate, and I've got 5K rounds through it without a failure.

    The P990 is the DAO only version. There is also a QA version that is a glock like action. Mine is a DA.

    Cheaper than dirt has P990's for around $340 which is an incredible deal. Even after the transfer fee and shipping you are getting a lot of gun for you money. I'm thinking about ordering another one.
  3. OH25shooter

    OH25shooter Member

    Nov 10, 2003
    All I can add is my experience with the simular model P99. I own one and will keep it forever. I liked it from the start. Mine is accurate, easy to sight and breakdown. Personally, I think Walther owners are like Glock owners. Either it looks good and is nice to shoot or just plain ugly to look at and could care less how well it shoots. The adjustable backstraps (on the Walther) has to be a consideration with different hand sizes. I will say this...a DAO pistol seems to take alittle adjustment. I have a S&W 3953 DAO (comparable to the standard 3913) and the trigger finger does need a rest after too many rounds.
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