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Want a walnut stock for your Marlin 795?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by moewadle, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. moewadle

    moewadle Member

    Mar 16, 2006
    Maybe this is not so important or maybe there is another source for walnut stocks for Marlin 795s but if there is I do not know it. Without making a long story out of it I found out by coincidence that if you order a replacement stock from Numrich Gun Parts for a Marlin 995 or a Marlin 989M2 one of the choices on the parts breakdown describes a stock as a Factory Walnut Replacement and the part number is 1233500A. The stock you get is a Marlin Factory finished stock with butt plate, white spacer, and Marlin bullseye. As far as the barrel channel goes the 795 will drop right in. You DO HAVE TO DO A LITTLE WOODWORK. This is minimal...it involves some easy wood cutting to accommodate the bolt hold-open lever and some inletting etc to take the trigger guard. But it is not much. I have never done woodwork and have mine about done. I am posting one photo to give you an idea. Be aware, the stock I got does not appear to ever have been in a gun but has some handling scuffs etc that I attribute to being tossed around in warehouses for 25 years. Certainly not enough "use marks" to warrant refinishing. I forgot to add that the stock has impressed checkering on wrist and forearm. $46 plus shipping. It looks so much nicer on my 795 than synthetic or the
    wood laminate I did have. :cool:

  2. wnycollector

    wnycollector Member

    Dec 10, 2006
    Western NY
    Nice job on the stock upgrade.

    I picked up a factory second Boyds Ross thumb hole stock in nutmeg for my sons 795 last summer. 30 minutes with a dremel and sandpaper and my son's 795 feels like a "real" rifle.
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