WARNING: Scam Sites using sponsored adds on FB


Staff member
Jan 3, 2003
0 hrs east of TN
I've been reporting one to three scam sites using sponsored posts on FB every day. They're pretty obvious once you go to the site. It is clear that they're lifting material from manufacturers or legitimate sites and "advertising" absurdly low prices.

I suspect that they they're not pushing cheap counterfeits of well known knives like many scam knife dealers do online to the unwitting and greedy, but instead these scammers probably don't even have any inventory to sell. You might get a box with a $5 piece of junk in it and then silence when you try to reach them to complain or demand your money back or you might not even get a box.

Just be aware that "caveat emptor" is active on the internet and to double check anything that appears to be "too good to be true".