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We are legion

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by jjadurbin, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. jjadurbin

    jjadurbin Member

    Jan 15, 2012
    Please take the time for this, post elsewhere, email and circulate.

    * * *

    In a war of words, substitute the phrase GUN CONTROL with CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS.

    That’s because your enemy is skilled in inventing phrases that are forged as an emotional

    appeal to the masses. They use words like a war club. Many of their phrases mean

    nothing, they are simple nonsense. But Constitutional Crisis means something, and it is

    very real. That is what the nation is facing.

    The offensive truth is that, with the current leadership, this crisis could have been caused

    by other attacks against other freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights. It just happens to

    be the Second Amendment that is under siege at the moment.

    Any REAL American should be able to address the real motives. Your enemy has only one

    motive. Our enemy would call us “fringe” or “extremists” and the reason is: they are not

    real Americans. They do not believe or embrace the basic foundations of the nation they

    claim as their own.

    Here's an assessment of where we are, and what has evolved behind the scenes, prepared

    by real Americans working within the enemy camp, framed by Beltway. Please take a

    moment to read, as this information can help focus future action. If nothing else, it shows

    how important words and phrases and propaganda has become in the war to preserve

    liberty. And that is a war for America’s soul.

    Make no mistake, you fight for her very soul. Your enemy fights to take your soul, and

    along with it, the souls of your children.

    Our enemy is cunning. Their real skill is in a field known as Communications Psychology.

    Our enemy would bury us in lies and outrageous claims they would then fashion into a

    false reality.

    Because they are cunning, that false reality would become your cage.

    They want us to feel defeated and overwhelmed, which is not difficult when you consider

    that balanced reporting is dead, and that the government agenda fits inside the media

    agenda like a fist within a glove. Their loud voice can seem deafening but only because we

    are all working quietly, and waiting and watching. Should we decide to unite our voices,

    then they shall be overwhelmed, for we are the many millions who would rise up until the

    world stopped to take notice:

    For we are LEGION.

    To that end, when it comes to our freedoms, let us give no ground and make no

    compromise as we engage the enemy within the: Executive Branch, Legislative Branch,

    Propaganda Branch.

    Even without rules for engagement, our enemy is losing faster than seasoned observers

    thought they could, while shamelessly cloaking themselves in a profound American


    Real Americans have shame. The enemy does not have shame.

    The reason the focus of this debate seemed to shift so quickly from freedom grabbing

    bedlam in Congress to Joe Biden's Task Force, is because the Executive Branch

    overestimated their ability to build a false reality. They had expected their propaganda

    machine, coupled with the vapid charisma of their leader, would be enough for a

    successful blitzkrieg against fundamental American Rights.

    What they discovered is that, yes, they can overwhelm and intimidate for an emotional

    moment -- but when that moment ebbs and the heartbreak seeps back in -- it becomes

    easy to see that the Emperor Ain't Got Nothing On.

    Their problem is this. Pelosi's bill, or any other AWB, must pass Congress, where they've

    heard all the groundless emotional arguments before. In fact, very little has changed. The

    small clutch of gun grabbers of today were the gun grabbers of yesterday, and the House

    is run by Republicans who would like to see the issue vanish from their dockets for a good

    reason. Our economy is in ruins. Our people are suffering like never before. And into

    this opening of fear and uncertainty, wearing heartbreak on their sleeves, the enemy

    comes slithering down with their media machine marching before them. There they faced

    a Congress where more than fifty percent are known supporters of the Second

    Amendment, and in part, elected on that platform. They have been blessed with approval

    by nearly all the Second Amendment watchdog groups.

    As part of the White House design to create false reality regarding the further use of certain

    Constitutional Rights, their Propaganda Front attacked first, as is expected. Still suffering

    the freshness of heartbreak, members were quickly set upon and cornered by Obama's

    media handmaidens. With or without statements, expressions reflected how all real

    Americans feel, the Obama Media quickly broadcast to the world that ...so many members

    are having doubts about the Second Amendment.

    A cunning lie, taking advantage of those already fighting a battle with their own grief.

    That was the White House-Pelosi cry heard round the world.

    Then came a quick head count: Senate Democrat Joe Manchin got a big media buzz when

    he stated: "Nobody needs 30 rounds in a clip." What did we expect him to say, cornered

    with a microphone while camera crews showed clips of tragedy. Only days later, the story

    that went unreported, is that Joe Manchin clarified his words, saying: "You know, I'm

    proud of the NRA."

    When hammered and harassed by the Obama Media, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

    said yes, of course he would be interested in a "thoughtful debate."

    Debate: means what exactly? Not much but who would dare be so bold as START a

    debate over our freedoms? Certainly not Mr. Manchin.

    Montana's Jon Tester and Max Baucus, Alaska's Mark Begich, Arkansas's Mark Pryor, South

    Dakota's Tim Johnson, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu -- are proud to live in “red Democratic

    states,” and they too were cornered by members of the Obama Media Jump Squad. North

    Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp shook her head and even called the Biden Task Force "way in the

    extreme" and then adding, "not gonna pass."

    Meanwhile, over in the House, a GOP leader said, when you compare restrictions on the

    Second Amendment to the risk that Speaker John Boehner would suddenly become a

    pagan, bet on the pagan transformation. While this was reported, the Obama Media

    shouted it down with overwhelming floods against freedom, as some even spoke of the joy

    they’d find in seeing Second Amendment supporters die a violent death.

    And here’s what troubles them most, and makes them feel violent toward all of us:

    The Second Amendment is the absolute foundation of this nation. That’s something all

    REAL Americans know. That one magnificent freedom was an agreed upon condition.

    Without that condition, the United States would not have been consummated. Without the

    birth of the nation, there would be no federal government. If this agreed upon condition is

    violated through any writ or Executive Action, and if that is taken seriously, the

    Constitution no longer matters.

    If the Constitution no longer matters, then the federal government ceases to exist.

    That places any action on the level of the greatest Constitutional Crisis this nation has ever


    And meanwhile, the reality is carefully subverted with propaganda by the Obama Media,

    who have elected to ignore our silence and our prayers, which they take as weakness.

    As real Americans we all ask the same questions. Who but a despot drunk on power

    would even raise such a nightmare gamble, and what will happen? We don’t think

    anybody can answer that, including the enemy, who for the moment is contained within a

    “Task Force” that is promising to make recommendations on the curtailment of our

    freedoms. And they a have problem there as well. And they know it.

    The problem is that, according to Constitutional experts, the “Biden Task Force” stands in

    violation of federal law.

    While many are examining legal action, one expert wrote the following addressed to:

    “Barack Hussein Obama, President (Designate).” Speaking for many, he said:

    “On Dec. 19, 2012, you announced the creation of the new Gun Control Task Force, to be

    headed by Vice President Joe Biden. On Dec. 20, 2012, Vice President Biden met with

    members of the law enforcement community and other private and/or non-governmental

    interests for the first meeting of this task force. By designating this newly formed task

    force, which is a presidential advisory committee, de jure and/or de facto, you have made

    the meeting subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act … which applies to ‘any

    committee, board, commission, council, conference, panel, task force, or other similar

    group’ that dispenses ‘advice or recommendations’ to the president of the United States.

    Pursuant to FACA, a task force must publish within the Federal Registry notice of any

    meeting 15 days prior to that meeting, and the meetings must be made open to the public.

    The first meeting of this task force was held a single day after its creation, without the

    required notice requirements having been met.”

    Demands have been made, as provided by law, "for all minutes and records, in paper,

    electronic, or any other format (including but not limited to emails), from the first and/or

    any subsequent meetings to date within twenty days of his letter.”

    The deadline has almost expired and there has been no response, which will result in legal

    action aimed at enforcing all of the FACA’s provisions.

    We demand to know who dares to attack our Constitution, who conspires to terminate

    American rights, forcing us into a profound Constitutional Crisis.

    Their resentment grows that we are a nation of laws, and those laws are blocking their


    This is the reality that has been closing around them, a reality they will find themselves

    unable to replace with their fiction: because of you. Because of us. Because once united,

    we are LEGION.

    The reality is that REAL Americans are working hard to avoid a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS

    that is being forged with deliberate intent.

    They began by exploiting tragedy for an unAmerican agenda, which REAL Americans will

    not tolerate. We pray they will avoid the greatest tragedy of all, but this prayer is not born

    of weakness.

  2. dc.fireman

    dc.fireman Member

    Dec 13, 2008
    Manassas, Va.
    Thanks, JJ...

    Anonymous have posted a video response to the presidential discussion just two days ago:


    If there is something I've always found to be ironic, it's that rebellion, in this country, is patriotic.
  3. r1derbike

    r1derbike Member

    Oct 4, 2012
    Northwest Arkansas
    Nice 2nd post, JJ! Believe I will cut and paste.
  4. jjadurbin

    jjadurbin Member

    Jan 15, 2012
    What's interesting is that the "legion" reference and phrase dates back to before the bible, was used in the bible, was in common use through the American prohibition, but then fell from favor. The precise meaning, hence the value, has been confused.

    "Now when Jesus stepped ashore, there met him a certain man...bound with chains...and Jesus regarded him with tender mercy and asked him, saying, "What is thy name?" And the man then said, "my name is Legion." (Luke 8:27)

    Over the ages countless groups have used the reference, including John Brown before his raid at Harper's Ferry. Then another group in Virginia, not far from Manassas, when Union forces became vengeful during occupation.

    The FBI used the phrase even before they were the FBI, and the CIA used the word, and phrase, as a universal descriptor for any oppressed civilians engaged in rebellion.

    When I travel back to the Washington area where I was raised, it’s hard to believe what has happened to the freedoms that everyone once enjoyed. Perhaps the worst is Maryland, which seems almost like a suburb of New York; and more of this administration's henchmen live there, right across the District line in Bethesda, Potomac and Rockville, then in any other location. I'm certain that they don't like knowing that we know, even when the rest of us are transparent in their systems.
  5. r1derbike

    r1derbike Member

    Oct 4, 2012
    Northwest Arkansas
    I lived in Annapolis for a time, got tired of exactly what you described, and moved back to my home state as a civilian.

    It is egregious, what has happened to the district and surrounding areas.

    I did have some interesting conversations with a hubble engineer (who lived across the hall from me), and a satcomm. engineer, and many others who were working for the common good of mankind, instead of tearing-down what made this country great.

    It always seems when politics are involved, the wheels of progress toward the betterment of our dreams, are put on hold, while the effluent of our electorate is shoveled into the gutters. The shoveling never ends, and the pile of effluent grows faster than it may be shoveled.

    Government proposes they are the answer for the American utopia we are seeking.

    Unfortunately, they are the problem, and their disregard, no, criminal negligence of we, the people, is the most egregious form of enslavement in this country today.

    Money, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm glad I no longer live in that cesspool of slime, and government criminality.

    At some point, one has to examine the mettle of one's soul, and make decisions based on that. I'm glad I'm back home.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  6. TNBilly

    TNBilly Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    East Tennessee
    Like some of the thoughts for sure but the "we are Legion" line is gonna work against ya.
  7. Ash

    Ash Member

    May 10, 2004
    Anywhere but here
    In any case, it looks like we are toothless.

    Take a stand? Nah, just roll over and take it. Perhaps we can come to enjoy it.

    We'll trot out our proud 7-round non-pistol gripped bare-barrelled AR's and AK's. We'll show our pinned 30 round magazines and wistfully dream of the good old days when we were allowed to, permitted to, use them at original capacity.

    New York fell. We must come up with some plan as a community or we are toothless paper tiger Walts. I don't mean to be harsh, but are we going to draw a line? Are we going to try and prevent this from spreading? Can we do something in unison?
  8. krupparms

    krupparms Member

    Dec 9, 2010
    OR. / State of Jefferson.
    WE ARE LEGION & as for our weapons, COME AND TAKE THEM! That's a very good answer! I like that short &to the point!
  9. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Member

    Jan 18, 2011
    I understand the many uses of "We are Legion" I get it.
    But don't they just LOVE twisting our words and intentions?
    Maybe staying away from Demon quotes is a better idea. Just saying.
    Why throw them a bone?
  10. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Member

    Jan 18, 2011
    I can see it now, "Gun owners quoting Satanic demons to rally support"
  11. krupparms

    krupparms Member

    Dec 9, 2010
    OR. / State of Jefferson.
    Anything we say will be twisted & taken out of context! Propaganda is the art of useing words no matter why &how they were said & making them say something else! Our government has been at it for years! Anything we say is subject to them twisting it &useing it against us!
  12. loose noose

    loose noose Member

    Feb 22, 2012
    Southern Nevada
    Excellemt read jj,now if only the vast majority of Americans will subscribe to it, we should be able to get beyond this Constitutional Crisis. I still find it difficult to understand where our mainstream media, which depend on the 1st amendment, to be so ignorant of the 2nd. How much longer can the 1st last with the total destruction of the 2nd?
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