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Welcome to my neighborhood..............

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Newton, Oct 24, 2003.

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  1. Newton

    Newton Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    A colleague who lives in downtown Baltimore just sent me this, it tells you all you need to know about what happens when your local city doesn't want people having the ability to protect themselves.

    CRIME REPORT: The following robberies were reported in the Federal Hill
    area by Southern District police detectives. If you have any information on
    these crimes, please contact Robbery Detective Chris Brockdorff at
    chris.brockdorff@baltimorepolice.org or 410-396-2504.

    09/23/03 at 7:15pm on 1000 block Key Highway, male victim was riding his
    bike and approached by suspect on a bike who pulled out a knife and told
    victim to give up the bike. Suspect #1 then called suspect #2 on walkie
    talkie, suspect #2 appeared on foot, took the bicycle and both suspects fled on bicycles. Suspect #1 is described as white male 6'0" tall and 230 lbs with short red hair, about 17 years old with cross tattoo on right leg.

    09/24/03 at 8:20am on the unit block of West Street, female victim was
    walking and approached by 3 male suspects. One suspect grabbed her by the arm and began trying to empty her pockets, she had no money and offered her rings, another suspect then punched her in face and the 3 suspects ran. Suspect #1 is black male age 25-30 with dreadlocks and green hoodie; suspect #2 is black male age 25-30 with white t-shirt, blue jeans, and afro; suspect #3 is black male with jean shorts and shaved head.

    10/06/03 at 3:55am, at 1414 Key Highway, a business robbery occurred when 3
    black male suspects entered a store where the clerk had her back turned.
    One suspect grabbed her around the neck and ordered her to open the safe.
    Two registers were forced open, money was taken, and the 3 suspects fled in a black Nissan.

    10/10/03 at 1:25am, 1100 block S. Hanover, female victim was walking home when she was grabbed around the neck and suspect threatened to kill her if she said anything. Victim handed over $90 and suspect fled. Suspect is black male, 5’10â€, thin build with bald head, light complexion, dark clothing.

    10/11/03 at 1am, 1100 block of Riverside, two females were sitting on the
    front stoop outside a house party when a black male approached them with a knife and demanded their purses. He cut one victim on the hand with the knife during the offense and fled with one purse. Suspect is described as black male, 19 years old, 5’10†and 160 lbs, dark complexion and braided hair.

    10/18/03 at 7:45pm on the 700 block of Battery Avenue, two female victims were walking on the lower foot path inside Federal Hill Park when 2 black males approached them and pointed a handgun and demanded their purses. The suspects directed the victims to continue walking eastbound, and the suspects then fled to the west with the purses. Suspect #1 is described as black male, 5’6†and 130 lbs. wearing a white jersey.

    10/22/03 at 12:25pm on the 1600 block of Olive Street (the north/south
    street between Hanover & Charles), a male victim was walking and approached by a suspect who pointed a black handgun at the victim and demanded his wallet. Suspect is described as black male in his 20’s about 6’0’ tall and 160 lbs. with dark complexion and blow-out hairstyle.


    LEAVE A LIGHT ON: Kindly leave outside lights on all night long to create
    safer streets, alleys and pedestrian corridors in our community. GET TO
    KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS: Exchange phone numbers and watch out for each other. Care about each other. REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Call 911 if you see strange persons lingering/loitering. Report ALL crimes, even car break-ins.
    LEAVE YOUR CAR EMPTY: When you leave your car, leave it empty of all CD’s, change, office papers, bags, etc. BE SAFE OUT THERE: Stay alert and do not let your guard down.


    Real nice huh ?
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