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Went to the Eastman Gun show.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by cool45auto, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. cool45auto

    cool45auto Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    Cleveland, Georgia
    Just got back. It was down in Gwinnett. Wasn't too crowded so we didn't hurry. I got a bayonet and scabbard for my Enfield ($15), 100 rounds of Silver Bear 9mm ($10), 200 rounds of 22LR ($4), and a 20 round magazine for my Beretta ($20). We also got a small IWB holster for my fiance's Kel Tec ($10).

    Did anyone else get to go to a gun show today? What did you get?:)
  2. VOD

    VOD Member

    Feb 28, 2003
    Atlanta area
    I went yesterday, but kept my wallet in my pocket...nothing followed me home. That's the first time I'd been to a gun show there and was impressed with the size of the venue. Reminded me of the fairgrounds in Orlando. I'll have to keep that one on my calendar.
  3. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan Member

    Jan 7, 2003
    Heart of Georgia
    All I bought was a pound of HS-6 & 1000 CCI-500's from Georgia Arms. $15 each is the best price I've found around here. Of the things I saw that were interesting one vendor had a Tikka-barreled M-N 91/30 that had the best looking bore I've seen in a while on a milsurp. Price was $170 which was over my budget but I was tempted. Other than that it was prety much the same show as last time.
  4. danbh

    danbh Member

    Jul 14, 2003
    Boca Raton, Fl
    Wife and I went Saturday.. We have been looking for a .308 left hand bolt action. No luck Need to buy from a local dealer I guess probably will have to be ordered.. We did buy a ankle holster for my wife and I bought a type of belly band holster. I tried it on with a full size glock and was impressed with the weight distribution. the gun didn't seem to weigh as much as with a waist band holster. with a loose shirt you can't see the pistol at all..:p
  5. axeman_g

    axeman_g Member

    Jan 26, 2003
    South Jersey
    yep ....

    I went late Sunday afternoon. Still a good crowd, yet not as crowded as the May show when I bought my HiPower.

    I did purchase the following .... I think I might have a problem.

    American Western Arms Longhorn SAA 5.5 barrel .357
    100 round .357 mag 158 gr from Georgia Arms
    100 round .38 158gr from Geogia Arms
    50 round box, .45 acp Sellier and Belliot
    2 13 round browning factory HiPower Magazines

    My wife is going to leave me someday.
  6. chaim

    chaim Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Columbia, MD
    There was a gunshow this week but I didn't go since I didn't have money (I will have some in about two weeks but I don't think there is another show for a while- I know there isn't another Silverado show until Nov). Normally it wouldn't be a big deal since all the shows are usually the same but occasionally there is a show that is exceptional and after going to one when I didn't have the money to buy (I had just bought my CZ 75B so I only had money for ammo and some miscellaneous items) I refuse to put myself through that again.

    Usually, shows are all the same but about two years ago I went to one that was great when I had no money. As said above, I had just bought my CZ 75B so I didn't have any money for a gun, but since all shows are the same it was no big deal- I would just get some 9mm for my CZ and some cleaning supplies or other miscellaneous stuff.

    Well, I really wanted a Mini-14 at the time but I didn't (and still don't) want to spend $520-640 for one (they go for that around here depending upon where you buy and the specific configuration- the stainless guns w/ synthetic stocks can go as high as $640 or 650). Well, at that particular show everyone seemed to have really nice used Minis for $325-350. I think they must have been trade-ins from some police or correctional agency since almost everyone there had them to sell, but they looked nearly new (I guess police and correctional agencies probably don't use their rifles as much as they do their pistols). I was very tempted but buying one would have meant paying my car payment late and I'm not that crazy (though some of my friends seem to think I am that gun crazy).

    At the same show I saw a Taurus 450 (2", .45lc snub) that I really wanted (and still do). It was the first and only time I actually saw someone local who carried one and this one looked beautiful (it was new so there is no real surprise but lockup, endshake and everything else was perfect and fit and finish on this one was quite nice). It was priced right at under $300 (I don't remember exactly how much under anymore). I tried to order one recently but the lowest local price I was quoted was nearly $400 and most were over $400.

    There was also a dealer who had a bunch of really nice police trade-in Glocks, SIGs, S&W autos and Ruger autos (plus others I wasn't interested in) for incredible prices. He is often still there with comparable prices (a little higher, inflation and market changes- thank you built-in lock law) but I have never since seen him with guns in as good shape as these were (usually more typical trade-in condition).

    So I will never again go to a show if I don't have the money for a gun. Sure I probably couldn't have bought from all three (and even if I saved that much cash I would have had to narrow down my choices at the last dealer since at the time I would have been tempted by all the makes I mentioned). In case I find a show that is as good as that one was I will never again go to a show without at least enough money for one gun should I see a deal that is exactly what I want (I'd have gone for the Mini probably at that show BTW).
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