What did you see at the gun shop today?

Just a sample size of one, maybe I had a lemon. It certainly didnt seem excessively worn for its age. Your mileage may vary, of course.
I was SO pumped when I bought that gun..... definitely one of my greatest firearms disappointments. :(
You didn't have the only lemon. A friend uses his for shooting steel. It locks up a lot and when it does, I usually have to open it for him. When it runs, it runs well. Unfortunately though, it hiccups a lot.
Saw this on line. If NICS here wasn't backed up over a day. I would have ordered it. But it's a bit of a drive to Cabalas. Fill out the paper work. Then drive back to get the gun. At least they are getting back in stock.
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What are they going for new these days?
BTW, there is a nice early production Mini 14 for sale in the Trading Post.
These are very highly regarded guns. I have never fired one, and so cannot speak from my own knowledge, but I don't question that they are fine guns. Too many people I respect and trust speak highly of them. I don't think they are going to get any cheaper any time soon.

Incidentally, over in the Autoloader forum there was just a thread about the very first Smith & Wesson automatic pistol, the 35 caliber, aka Model 1913. Its basic mechanical design shares several features with the Model 41.

I see a lot of posts from owners with problems with them on that rimfire forum and many of them brand new guns. I still wouldn't mind owning one though.
I saw a very nice Astra Cub (w/ box) in the shop last week when I was buying my S&W 1913. I had been looking for one for years and would have grabbed it in a NY second if I hadn't found one a month before. If it's still there in a week or so I may grab it up anyway.
I saw 4 lbs of Varget at $47/lb (and passed) and a thousand LRPs for $80 (passed on those too) at the local Bass Pro store. I already have more than enough of both.
I handled a Colt Lawman MkIII snubbie .357 today. Bluing damage from holster wear, freckled around the trigger guard. Cylinder had a little play in rotation and endshake. Tagged at $799. I didn’t want it bad enough to bargain down to the $500 neighborhood where it would be appealing. Did I make a mistake? Anyone think it’s worth more than 5?

I might go to $600 if I really wanted it and I just had to have one. To me it's not worth their asking price; a bit high given your description of it's overall condition. For that kind of money I would go the extra distance and get a new/used King Cobra.
Go for it. I thoroughly enjoy mine and at 5'8" and 130lbs soaking wet I've had no issues whatsoever. One word of advice, if you do decide to take the plunge, load only one round in the cylinder until you get comfortable with it. And yes I also have the 500.

That makes my ears ring just looking at the picture! :p
I'm so glad you didn't say Long Colt. I get so tired of hearing that. There is no .45 Short Colt, and before the arguments start, the "short" one is called a .45 Schofield.

That's a nice example of a M25, I'm assuming it's a dash-5?
ok ok ok just tongue & cheek…. so why does the head stamp read 45LC
I saw several interesting things in my lgs yesterday.
I drooped in to sign paperwork for my new(used) NEF Handi-rifle in. 45-70 ;):):cool::cool::neener:
[Thank you, thank you.....hold the applause]
[Pictures pending its release from mandatory 3-day cool down period]
Good supplies of ammo despite no 7mm-08, 45-70, .204 or any caliber HST:cuss::cuss:
Display case literally full of pistols. Of the most interesting to me were the three birdshead wrangler shopkeeper rugers for $250 each.
Two ruger 22/45 lite
Two browning buckmark target threaded $529
Benchmade and buck knives
Colt diamondback 38
Racks of gun cases