What do have waiting for you in the reloading room?

Ran out of resized and prep'd 9mmLuger to cut down into 9mmMak so I started rummaging around looking for unsized 9mmLuger. I've got a lot. Too much. And it looks like it might be grungy range brass mixed with cleaned and decapped brass. Need to sort 9mm. Some day.
Where do I start???

Couple 1,000 .223 need cleaning but I have several 1,000 that need trimming, and several 100 that need loading.

That said, I have another shotgun event Thursday and need to load some more shotgun shells.

Can always use more 9mm but that’s on the back burner for a while/

I need to analyze both the .243 and 22-250 ladders I shot a month ago and decide if I’m gonna play with either of those, or try another powder. And with the 22-250, do I just scrap that bullet and start with the 70 gr Barnes I bought to hunt in California with?

I really need to figure out which.357 load works best in the carbine I bought last year.

I guess I need to lock myself in the “room” and only come out for meals for a couple of weeks.
150 308 brass that need primed. Got de-railed on another project. Got some .357 Mag and 9mm that need to be cleaned.
Also have to deal with a dust problem with the Frankford Arsenal walnut tumbling media. That stuff is awful for dust.
I'm thinking I'm going to throw it away and start using Lyman Tuffnut in my vibratory instead. It doesn't dust up like this stuff. I use Tuffnut in my rotary and it works well but it does stick in the flash holes.
Got my order of Sierra V-Crown bullets in today, maybe tomorrow night I can start with some 90 gr 9MM and 165gr 40's.
Read about lyman m die expanders on THR and bought .45 acp , worked great so purchased 9mm and .357 .
They just arrived today and looking forward to trying them out in very near future..
Received my order of 6.5 Grendel brass from Nosler. Starline never seems to have any. No matter, I don't need 6.5 Grendel.
What awaits me is resizing these 150 new cases to 6mm ARC, which is easily done...as 6mm ARC brass is even more of a unicorn than 6.5 Grendel brass.
I was finally able to get some CFE-223 powder, so now I can begin to think about shooting my nearly complete MSR in 6mm ARC.
this morning at the Reloading work station. Consider buying a Dillion Powder Check Die. don’t know why I’m going through this progressive phase of my life. But I really need to get this off my chest, like I been hiding in a closet.

I’m going to do it!!!
Well, a 3lb Folger's coffee jug almost full of .38 spl brass, once shot. Lordy, between those and all the .45 acp cases I find in the shop, that's whats waiting for me to do.
Heh-heh, actually can't wait. Keeps me away from the TV.

I tumbled a 3# coffee can of 223 yesterday and layed them out to dry overnight. I'll be sorting them by headstamp after while and putting them away.
I’ve got about 3K (+/- 1K) range pickup, unprocessed, random 9mm Luger brass in a plastic tub. I “need” 100 9mm Makarov cases trimmed to .710” and 100 trimmed to .700”. I also need to cut down several saplings growing too close to an irrigation line. Decisions, decisions… :(