What do have waiting for you in the reloading room?

I have a pile of 30-30 brass freshly wet tumbled, ready for the royal treatment. I clean flash holes, trim chamfer and debur first reload. Based on most of it being way oversized by most reliaders and factory I only trim to Sammi maximum on the first load I do so when they fire form, they all don't end up short.
Waiting for me is a couple of Presses, Powders, Primers, Projo's, but no brass,,, :(
It's not that I don't have anything to shoot, and I can always get brass, but capacity has exceeded consumption for quite some time now and I've promised myself not to buy any more brass just to have something to reload.

We'll see how long that lasts,,,, (It's a long time until shootin' season but it's prime time to be inside my climate-controlled reloading room cranking out ammo!)
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Making my own 300 AAC brass from old 5.56 brass and sorting through a new estate sale grab.
How long should you keep reloads ?. How long before they go BAD ?. Everyone might want to rethink or reconsider what you might perceive OLD .

As I was shooting some .44 Mag. loads this AM and had the LR in addition to the Chrony set up already ,decided to run some New and #51 year old reloads down range .

Well the average spread worked out to 21 Fps ,the extreme was 52 fps and here's one for the books ; The 51 year old loads ran nearly 26 Fps faster than the New reloads :D So evidentially some Buffoon ( who shall remain anonymous :rofl: ) loaded 2400 right up to max. or the Old 2400 was Hotter powder ?.
Out of My 7.5" Ruger Super Red Hawk -15 to + 12 on 1500 Fps , with exception of #1 which popped 1540 Fps. Melting lead as it left the bore ,had to brush the bore even with GC !. Note both cases ( RP ) as probably 98% are at least 51 Years old and I'm still loading them and have trimmed them a few times over the decades . These are nearly fill the case compress the bullet ,so NOT 44 light or special loads by any stretch .


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Don't know where to place this question : Has anyone seen VV 140 for sale lately ?. I've been searching and NO one seems to have it ??.
What do I have waiting?

3700 fired 9mm cases to clean and reload.
Approximately 650 9mm range pick-ups to sort, clean and load.
1100 9mm "once-fired" cases to load that I purchased last year. I promised myself not to buy anymore 9mm cases. In a moment of weakness I got another 1000 last week. I need more powder...

Then there is 450 cases of .308W to size, clean and load. This is the priority to practice for next year's competition.

Not to forget the .223 cases. There is about 650 dented LC cases to load with plinking loads to fireform. Have to remove the crimps first. Once they've been fireformed all 1000 of them will be loaded with the remaining 75gr ELDM's. I'll keep the Berger's for the Lapua cases.

Somewhere in there, I still have to fit in loading the .303 cases that have been piling up for a few years now.
this is funny...

before i got to this site to read this thread, i went to my basement, to start the polishing of my 9mm i shot this past monday.

but i have at the very least 1,000 polished casings for 45 ACP waiting to be reloaded.

and my 45 Colt LC to be dialed in for the lead bullets i got about 2 weeks ago..

as you can "see", i ain't in no rush......:rofl:
I really like the, "What have you done in the reloading room today" thread but it seems like a lot of it is us all catching up on the stuff we should never have got behind on.
I have 6.5 Grendel brass enroute, gonna do some experimenting soon! Until then, I have to clean off the bench to make room for the brass can, so this weekend will be doing minor things like depriming/resizing/repriming various brass to get them out of the way, and ready when the whim strikes to load for that caliber.
I got the MEC sizemaster out and loaded up some 20 gauge 1 oz loads. I am working on using up a few hundred Federal 209 primers (not 209A). So some old Federal hulls and help from a reloading manual as old as I am (Lyman 3rd ed) and I’m on my way.

Federal hunting hulls are something I have a love-hate relationship with. Love because the make great heavy field loads in 20 gauge and usually crimp well. Hate because the primer pockets fail unpredictably. Some are loose after one reload and others go 5-6 loadings. They get brittle with age too and break at the crimp.

Win and Rem hulls fail more predictably. In 12, I stick to these, but I really like a 1 oz 20 gauge load for doves. Plus I literally have a 5 gallon bucket of hulls I got at no cost, so I don’t feel bad tossing a few rejects.