What do the ladies carry?

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Yes, double action.
I, for one, would like to see more direct answers to the OP from lady shooters themselves. I have met some very gun-savy and proficient lady shooters at my club and have had some great conversations about firearms with them. There are several who work behind the counter in the shop as well who are well informed and are excellent in helping buyers find the right gun for them.
1) Go shooting with her sometimes. Make it fun. Take her somewhere nice afterwards.

2) Purchase a nice 22 "targety" pistol like a Buck Mark or Ruger Mark.

3) Don't try to get her to shoot the 22 at the range. It may take a few times, but it will happen on its own.

Pistols like that are fun for beginners because their accuracy is so nice.

If she likes the 22 and starts shooting it often, the wise man buys a nice 32acp like a Beretta 81 and repeats the process.

Trying to "make" my wife to do something she doesn't want to do is a recipe for disaster... but she can be tempted over time if I keep my stupid mouth shut.
Have her join a "well armed women" club.

Wife is a member and really enjoys it. Women teaching other women is a lot more palatable to her than me or other men teaching her.

She has been through a lot of semi-auto's trying to find the perfect gun. And lots of ways to carry. Purse, IWB, pocket, etc. She has settled on a "belly band", and the gun she carries most is either a Springfield XD9 double stack or her P365 SAS. She bought another gun recently, a Walther PDP. She's not shot it much yet though.

She has never shot a revolver, as far as I know. We don't own any. Sold my Colt Anaconda earlier this year, which was the one and only revolver I've ever owned. She never shot it though, being a .44 mag.
My Wife carried a S&W Model 60 for several years. She finally decided that She wanted something lighter so we went shopping. She looked at several and chose a Springfield Armory 911 in 380. It wasn't my first choice but I let Her choose. I was leaning towards a Kimber Micro 9 or one of the smaller Glocks. The 911's safety comes off sometimes in Her purse so I bought a holster with a strap that will go between the frame and the hammer.

A buddies wife was wanting a carry pistol and they came over and looked at several of mine. Her hands were not strong enough to rack the slide on most of what she looked at and she ended up with a S&W EzSlide.
My wife carries a Walther CCP 9mm with the reduced recoil system.

Single stack 9mm with a lighter recoil system so it’s easy for her to rack the slide and she likes the slim grip for her small hands.
My first wife had a stainless S&W Centennial. I can't say she really enjoyed it but she was in her 20s at the time and did well with it.

My ol' shootin' buddy's wife uses a S&W 3913LS and a NAA mini revolver. She also has an LCP but detests it due to its bite to the shooter. I've been to the range with her and her husband many times.

One of my sisters-in-law got a S&W Shield EZ in 9mm in 2020 and carries it in one of those carry purses.
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For the ladies that carry revolvers. Do you or do they shoot it in double-action?
Yes, sometimes. That is, back when my wife was carrying a revolver (she carries a Smith Shield EZ nowadays) she occationally practiced shooting it double action. She insisted on her carry revolver having single-action capability though.
My Mrs has a LCP that she carries in her purse.
She is not a gun person, but does acknowledge the dangers of our world. One thing she does edc is a Boker AK47 automatic knife. It snaps open with a button. She keeps it in her jeans pocket. It is a medium to large knife, but she loves to carry it. She also like the quick one-handed opening that's easy on her nails
Armed women make me nervous. But what do I know? I'm just an old guy that grew up in a different age.

I certainly wouldn't want my wife to be armed. And she kinda agrees with me on this. Never showed an interest in shooting any of my guns. The only time was when she carried an unloaded revolver at a Civil War reenactment.
I asked about single action versus double action because there would be a need to address the issue of a person who would cock the hammer or shoot single-action in a defensive situation. The issues with this should be familiar, but to recap unnecessarily: the single-action of a cocked revolver presents a high risk for an unintentional discharge resulting from numerous physiological factors including startle response, sympathetic grasp reflex, contralateral contraction, and trigger affirmation. Additionally, a cocked single-action revolver can open a defender to criminal and civil liability if a prosecutor or plaintiff were to make the case that the defender did not in fact intend to shoot the eligible dirtbag, but that they only fired because they had wrecklessly and negligently cocked the hammer.

I only have and carry a revolver myself and I am not interested in an automatic for that purpose, so I can empathsize with the lady. On the other hand, if she has not made the effort to learn the effective use of the double action trigger, then there is a deficiency that calls for intervention. I loathe to advocate something that might turn her off revolvers, but if the revolver is only appealing to her if it can be fired in single-action, then she may be better off with an automatic. I would only caution against destroying her willingness to carry a revolver without first ensuring her willingness to carry another pistol that does work for her. On the other hand, should she be amenable to a double-action revolver shot in double-action, there is no better arm.
Armed women make me nervous. But what do I know? I'm just an old guy that grew up in a different age.

I certainly wouldn't want my wife to be armed. And she kinda agrees with me on this. Never showed an interest in shooting any of my guns. The only time was when she carried an unloaded revolver at a Civil War reenactment.
So if she's somewhere where you're not around you're fine with her being unprotected?
The spouse as access to a S&W M640-38Spec.

My wife used to rely on a Model 640 for self-defense until it became clear over time that she could no longer manage the da pull on typical J-frame revolver triggers. We visited several gun shops over a several week time period, squeezing triggers and were able to narrow down three revolvers she found to have da pulls that were easier to control; the Kimber, the Ruger LCR and the Colt King Cobra. Accordingly, the little Ruger resides in her purse and the Colt lays at the ready in her bedside stand.
One of my early on girlfriends was a sheriffs deputy. They were issued Glock 21s and were basically told they had to carry something off duty as well.

That was her only gun so she carried it in a dedicated side pocket of her purse. Must have made the purse weigh twice as much. I was surprised and impressed they were issued the G21 45 ACP and not a 40 cal at the time (early 2000s) and the fact she carried that tank with her more or less 24/7.
Armed women make me nervous. But what do I know? I'm just an old guy that grew up in a different age.
What "age" would that be??? I'd believe you grew up in a "different" environment, but I'm 74 and I grew up hunting and shooting with both my dad and mom, and my little sister too once she grew big enough.
On the other hand, my wife grew up in a non-shooting, non-hunting family in southern California, and she had never even touched a gun before she married me - 51 years ago BTW. She took to guns and shooting like the proverbial "duck to water" though, and by the '80s, she was shooting AAA Revolver Class in IHMSA competitions with her Ruger .44 Magnums. She also killed the biggest mule deer (a huge 6X7 buck) anyone in either of our two families has ever killed. :thumbup:
My parents were the same way. I wouldn't trust any of them with guns.
Oh, I get it now. Like I said - a different "environment," not a different "age." ;)
My wife favored a short-berreled S&W Model 66 revolver, when I met her in 1997. Somehow, her brother ended up with that gun, but she still favors S&W revolvers, J-, K-, and N-Frame, all of which she does carry, in differing situations. She used to be a Forensic Investigator, for the Medical Examiner, in Harris County, Texas, so, investigated plenty of death scenes, and knows whether revolvers were causing folks to get kilt in the streets. (Most of Houston lies within Harris County.)

I tend to carry revolving pistols, myself, so, do not feel that my wife is carrying insufficient weapons.
I have taught 4 female family members to shoot, and they have shot various guns I own of various calibers. They are all small women in the 5-0 to 5-4” range with small hands. None of them liked shooting anything with more recoil than a light 38 special load.

The 3 guns they liked the best are:

S&W J frame in 22mag
S&W J frame in 38 special loaded with 110g Hornady polymer tipped projectiles (forget what Hornady calls them)
Glock 42.

A lot of people are trashing the Glock 42 these days with the rise in popularity of the micro 9mm’s but for recoil sensitive shooters, it’s a viable option.
Not just shoot, but actually carry for personal defense...

I'm trying without luck to get my gf to start shooting semiautos in order to expand her options for ccw. She currently ccws a revolver which is fine and better than the majority of the general public.

Any ladies have opinions? Should I continue to gently push the semiauto or just let her keep enjoying her revolvers?

Gratuitous pix of ladies with their ccw choices and mode of carry are welcome here.

First off, stop trying to teach her things she is physically unable to do.

This article will help her far more than you will.

In my case, I purse carry a Colt Commander in 38 Super. It's more expensive with the built in holster but it's a very nice purse. And it's not for everybody, the good news there are people like Suffecool that show us we do have options.

While this is mostly men there are a lot of ideas for conceal carry.

Last and foremost, she will realize what works for her. Suggest she run through the semis but don't insist. Many things we do for our man that doesn't really excite us. Personal defense is something a person must be vitally interested.
A shield EZ may also appeal due to the easy racking. Some ladies dont have the strength to comfortable pull some slides back.

I like the idea of Ladies Night at the range. Have her and a friend go. They will get exposed to other ladies of the sport and other guns. If anything it will plant a seed of curiosity in her brain.

Perhaps you just haven't been paying attention. All women of normal health and fitness have the strength, just not able the same way a man does.
Perhaps you just haven't been paying attention. All women of normal health and fitness have the strength, just not able the same way a man does.

I agree. The 4 females in my family that I have taught how to shoot autos can rack slides OK. The technique they use is slightly different than most men, pushing the frame forward with one hand while pulling the slide back with the other. This is easier with a medium or large auto than a smaller one.
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