What have you done in the reloading room today

I went through the whole shebang with one hundred and fifty nine, two-twenty three, also for an AR. I ran out of fifty five grain soft points and had to use some fifty grain SPSXs. Time to order more bullets.
Then I went for groceries with the children and after, hit up the clay thrower with my twelve guage.

Awesome day.
I loaded up 200 rounds of 38 special range fodder with Titegroup I'll shoot this week. Thinking of loading up a ladder of 357 magnum with BE86. Need to do a run of 9mm too but doubt I'll get to it.
First tried to get my old shortwave receiver to preform better....to no avail (too many trim knobs to mess with now....) bagged up the 200 rounds of 9mm that I primed the day before, Knocked the primers out of a couple of quarts of .223 and then started sorting through this fall's picked rifle brass from abandoned, unoccupied gravel pits. It is finally above zero degrees outside so will go back to the "room" when it gets cold again. Got brush piles to burn at the lake homestead this week.
50 rounds of 300BO with Hornady 150gr SSTs and CFEBlk. Not that many rounds but had to set up a turret from scratch which took awhile, including dialing in the right charge. It’ll be faster next time.

Test-fired a few too. Nice rounds.
I spent the weekend working on my loading bench design.

I took plans that a friend sent me and looked at others on the web. Also looked at lots of picks. After taking ideas from them and working in the requirements, I came up with and initial design. Then I ran it past my dad who’s a civil engineer to make sure I’m building what I think!

I would have gone to Lowe’s but it was way too cold.
50 Win AA 12 gauge #9 skeet loads to use up some Green Dot.
50 9MM 125 gr BlueBullets with TiteGroup for IDPA.
Thought about loading some RMR 9MM 124 gr RN with some Power Pistol I want to use up.
Looked for another Hornady 9MM seating/crimp die so I can avoid adjusting my main load die. Didn’t find one used.
Wondered if I should learn to use the PTX expander on the powder drop so I could use a seating and a crimp die instead.
Spent time on THR.
Cleaned the darn thing out! Some years ago, I was able to move my reloading getup from the garage to an upstairs closet in an unused bedroom, my wife has since relented and allowed me the privilege of the entire room... so I spent most of today carting the scrapbooking and homeschooling crap out, and all the Good Stuff back in... finally corralled in one place. The bench stays in the sort-of mini walk-in closet because I can secure it, but now most of my ammo is in the main room on shelves and out from under my feet.

I also tumbled the roughly 3000 cases I brought back from vacation, and sorted them by headstamp.

I took a big leap forward, for me, anyway, and dumped about 2K Berdan primed 7.62mm cases I had been holding on too, for some reason. I know I'll never get to reloading them... might as well sell them for scrap.
Loaded 300 38 supers, did 150 yesterday. Trying to get caught up a little on my stockpiling just filled two 30 cal ammo cans with mid range 357 mags and 40 S&W before Christmas.
I loaded up 200 rounds of 38 special range fodder with Titegroup I'll shoot this week. Thinking of loading up a ladder of 357 magnum with BE86. Need to do a run of 9mm too but doubt I'll get to it.

I'm getting ready to load for 38 special/ 357 mag. I already have Titegroup and CFE- pistol. How are your loads with Titegroup?
Too cold to actually do anything constructive in my garage loading room. I did however find (for free) the 14th edition (1995) of the Handloader's Digest. I have been looking for an inexpensive copy of this volume for several years. I had see copies but way more expensive than what I wanted to pay. Now I have all 19 editions of the Digest.

Hopefully we will get a tiny break soon in the weather, I'm starting to see the end of my ammo supply.