What is the last gun that you bought?

1972 Winchester 9422 first year run
99% condition with box and paperwork
From Cabelas, I don't believe they knew what they had, picked up for a great price!
The original price tag is on the box
$99.95 from Meier and Frank
Me happy!!


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GPS 42" double rifle backpack case for $69 at LGS. They had them sitting on the top shelf sorta out of sight, so I pulled one down to take a look. Went home to do some research to find that's cheaper than anywhere I found online, especially if you add in shipping.

I went back the next day to buy one, with a rifle I wanted to be sure fit it, though it might be close depending on the inside length. Sure enough it just fit. It looks like really good rugged quality to me, all sorts of pockets and places to lose... I mean put things, and backpack straps are really stout and well padded.

I'm pretty pleased...

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That’s all good, but what gun did you buy. ;)
I have the questionable duty to report no new purchases.
I have all the 'using' guns I will ever need.
Collections are still in progress, but as I collect firearms of the early 20th Century, the field seems to shrink even as I watch. I haven't given up, but I just don't find as much. Such a sad state.
I know what you mean! When I was a kid WWII surplus guns were dirt cheap and now that resource is drying up
This was the last thing I bought that was gun-related. It's a custom case made for a Colt 2nd gen 1860 Army. I think this was from a limited run of maybe 20 or 25 sets that included an electroless nickel 1860 Army along with a matching shoulder stock, Colt patent stamped flask, 44H blued steel bullet mold, nipple wrench, cap tin, and a custom gold and silver plated Colt belt buckle

This was from an auction held in Gettysburg, PA back at the first of May of all Colt-related stuff mostly from the black powder line but there were also quite a few 2nd and 3rd gen SAA's along with various cased Colt commemoratives plus Colt advertising, etc. I stopped collecting the 2nd gen percussions a few years ago but put in a few lowball pre-bids just to see if I snagged anything. This was the only thing I won. It was the walnut French fitted case along with all the accessories minus the original pistol. I'll probably never come across one of those rare electroless nickel models so I just put a normal finish 2nd gen 1860 in it.


Both Model 28 and 29 (and other models) are S&W N frames...the 28 is a .357 Magnum version. The "dash 2" is just an engineering evolution...when S&W makes a design change to a model, they add a "dash" number. I think the Model 29's are now at "dash 10".
I haven't bough a whole lot in the last couple of years. I did purchase a Taurus Model 856 at the beginning of the year and I jut picked up a new Canik TP9 Elite SC the other day. Once I can run a few hundred rounds through the TP9 and also get the optic sighted in, it will go into my EDC rotation.

Here is the TP9 Elite SC.

Canick TP9 SC.jpg
I was lucky to stumble on a S&W 617 the other morning. It was posted on another site 20 minutes before I found it and I was the first to say I wanted it.

It's a 4 inch. I've been looking for one at a decent price for about a year. It will be a good mate to my 6 inch. I am going to put a red dot on it and use it for Steel Challenge Rimfire Pistol Open. The 6 inch will be shot with iron sights for Rimfire Pistol Iron.

Waiting to see how the trigger is, I'll take it apart, clean it and then shoot a few hundred rounds before I do anything else.

Now I have to make a new holster for it.