What is the last gun that you bought?

Went to a gun show last weekend. Don't know much about this pistol ( S&W Shield 2.0 Performance Center ), but it fit my hand nicely & the price seemed good ( $399 ). Been to a lot of gun shows and bought nothing, so decided I'd break that string.
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I just bought a S&W 617 4 inch. Got it because I answered the ad 20 minutes after it was posted. I've been wanting a 4 inch for a couple of years but haven't found on at a decent price.

I shoot Steel Challenge with my 6 inch 617 and I'm doing pretty well against the autos. My times are faster with the revolver than with my Black Mamba.

I will relegate my 6 inch for Rimfire Pistol Iron and use the 4 for Rimfire Pistol Open. Revolvers shoot against the autos when using .22s.

I don't have the 4 yet so here's a picture of my 6 the way I'm going to set up the new gun.
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