What is the last gun that you bought?

I already posted about the 1100 410 (used) I bought! Anyhow here in the free state of Idaho, I went in showed the man my enhanced ccw card, filled out the papers, gave him $20.00 and walked out with the prize. I love this place:thumbup: So much better than Kaliphornie, feels like America here:thumbup::thumbup:
I bought CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1, and after two day my order was canceled.
On site it listed as handgun with 10 rounds magazine, which is legal in IL, but salesman called me and told that it cannot be shipped to IL, because it considered an assault rifle and "scarry looking" Really mad :fire::fire::fire:
Ok ok I did the thred on what was you'r first gun? and it got perrty sad:uhoh:
Reading how a lot of you got rid of you'r first gun's.
So to make thing's happier let's talk about you'r last toy you brought home.
Mine was a sig p220 45 acp:).
There that's much better, let's hear from you.
The last gun was a few days ago and it was a FIE o/u derringer in .38 speacil from a close friend that I used to shoot SASS with.
We both stopped SASS and he sold me his last gun from our sessions,now I have 2 of the same derringer.
On an impulse I bid and won a S&W Model 10-7 Peruvian contract 2" snub. I'm a sucker for special contract service revolvers, especially short barrels. Only four pictures posted by seller so a "pig in a poke" (hoping it's not the pig). None of these 1,984 revolvers ever made it to Peru since the order was cancelled when the agency they were made for was dissolved and became part of the national police. They're stamped on the side plate with the Peruvian marking. Who doesn't need a snub with a llama on the side plate?:) S&W made them available to dealers after order was cancelled. Looks in pretty good shape but time will tell.
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I've been looking for a Sig P556 in order to SBR, but stumbled across this 556 Patrol yesterday and a local gun show. Surprisingly they were asking a very reasonable sum...a hundred or two $$ less than some of the P556's I'd been eyeing.

- It has the side-folding receiver and Swiss-style stock over the threaded receiver of the P556 that accepts M4-style buffer tube/stock.
- It came with the Romeo 5 / Juliet 3 optic combo that I may either keep or sell and recoup a few $$.

Now to file a Form 1 and find a local 'smith to cut/crown/thread the barrel.