What is the last knife you bought?

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Think it was a cold steel peace maker .

Midway will run sales where cold steel is dirt cheap. They had the drop forged bowie for like 30 bucks not long ago. Smoking deal.
Recently got into cold steel machete line.

These things are an absolute steal.

With the right sale, they're around 20 bucks.

They are full tang heat treated 1050 carbon steel. Grips are molded over the full tang.

There's a "test to destruction " you tuber called Joe X. Check out the destruction some of the cold steel machetes can take!
The best if I recall were the royal kukris and jungle machetes.

over the last year I think I've pretty well owned em all!

My favorites are the Gladius (first ever, awesome), wakitashi, Chinese War sword, royal and regular kukri.
True...I'm reading some of the reviews.

Looks like blade material isn't specified. Handles look pretty uncomfortable. Doesn't look like they include sheaths.

The cold steel machetes are made in South Africa I think. They stand behind their products as a company, and offer a lot of cool different blade profiles.

A Gladius or waki isn't great for a machete, but are pretty legit non firearm self defense options.

I gave my nephew the katana machete. I think I would've flipped for that when I was 12!

I can vouch that the heat treat is spot on, ans 1050 is decent, tough steel. It'll last ya.


JoeX literally bashes them into concrete, hits them edge forward against metal pools, destroys cars Street Fighter 2 style, etc.

Mine will likely never do that (but it's cool that they could).
I will let you all know what I think of it.
I received the knife today and for the price it seems to be a good deal, I would give it 3 out of 5 stars, with visual inspection.
The blade length is 5 5/16 other than that the specs are pretty close.
First impressions are good I will need to use this knife a bit to get a better opinion of it.
My opinion is of this knife is degrading. I do think 3 out 5 is fair.
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This was delivered today. A bayonet for my Cetme.



I like those bayonets, so much so that I bought one myself.

Wiped it down and it looks just about new.
Well, sometimes you’re on a roll.

I started my interest in finely made pocket knives back only 4 years ago or so. I remember discovering Todd Begg knives and just drooling over them. Not sure why but the milling on the titanium ones just leaves me in awe.

But I could never afford them, even the Steelcraft Series that was a collaboration with David Deng at Reate Knives. Until now.

A few weeks back I posted a mini Bodega that I managed to score new in box. I love the design. This week I managed to score a new in box full size Reate made Bodega. It’s an entirely different experience. I don’t typically use the term “grail” with knives or guns because there’s just too many to think in those terms for me. But this is as close as I’ve come from a design aspect.

It represents 4 years of desire.

This definitely won’t be up everyone’s alley, but I think it’s a beautiful piece of art and having complimenting sizes together is pretty cool for me.

Some of the details are a bit different between the two but the overall design is great, particularly in the full size version.

If you have an interest, and an opportunity, pick one up. They’re a bit hard to find now though.

Note the color on the gray titanium in the last shot. There’s gold anodizing under the gray and it’s stonewashed. So the gold shines through in the right light.

IMG_2813.jpeg IMG_2815.jpeg IMG_2816.jpeg IMG_2817.jpeg IMG_2818.jpeg IMG_2819.jpeg
It was inexpensive, it's seen some good use and that's what it's for.

If it was NIB, probably put it in the collection.