What revolver does Santa Claus carry?

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Jan 17, 2014
You have to be safe out there! Santa is no exception! So, what revolver would he carry? I would think he wouldn’t be into semiautomatics, so definitely a revolver. With a big sleigh, it wouldn’t have to be concealable, either. But it has to look good with his red suit. My vote is for a Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver in .44 Special with factory engraving and mother of pearl stocks.
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Santa is said to be a bishop, and bishops don’t traditionally pack heat, but there were plenty of American padres in WWII who did, many of whom became bishops later themselves and would have been able to advise their polar colleague, so my vote goes to a S&W 1917. No issues with concealment with all those robes. I’m pretty sure he’s also got a Krieghoff drilling in the sleigh in case the reindeer get lame and he has to shoot a caribou for subsistence.
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