What to do with my $300

Which to buy

  • Ruger LCP

    Votes: 33 20.0%
  • Ruger 10/22

    Votes: 57 34.5%
  • H&R .308

    Votes: 13 7.9%
  • AMMO

    Votes: 62 37.6%

  • Total voters
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I voted ammo, and would count reloading equipment and supplies as investing in ammo.

Although the way the economy is going, saving it might indeed be the best advice!
cleaning supplies, ammo, etc.....

....or just keep saving to have MORE play money.

....or use it for a layaway deposit:)
Ruger 10/22? I have two of them, and I wouldn't recommend one to an enemy. Jammingest little bastards I've ever owned. A gun shouldn't need to be tweaked and tinkered with to make it run reliably. A .22 for fun is a good idea, but I'd steer you away from the 10/22. JMHO.
My 10/22 never malfunctioned. I've fired plenty of HV and match and never had an issue. I use Butler Creek Steel Lips and Ruger factory magazines.

You will find that my experience is typical of the 10/22 owner. If my Ruger had the problems you were having it would have immediately been sent to Ruger for free repair.
I would go with the 10/22 unless you are not opposed to reloading equipment. Reloading is the best investment I have made in the shooting sports. You really can save a lot of money by reloading. You also have more money for more GUNS!
Hi Kd
I would first vote for a quality reloading setup. This would allow you to feed your other guns as well as the any you would get later on. You can get a good single stage setup for less then $300 I would think. I like the RCBS stuff but thats just my preferance. The Rockchucker press would be my first choise.


But I started and loaded for 23 years on a Reloaders Special setup.


With eather of the two sets you could make most any sort of ammo. It might be slow but you would get to learn the process and tailor your loads to your guns. You would still need to add a set of dies and some componants (bullets, brass, primers and powder) to eather of these. But you can find used ones as low as $15.00 if you keep looking. Depending on Caliber you might find a kind soul that would flat out give you one.

If you don't mind used stuff you could find most of the parts on E-bay and might be able to get it for a good bit less. The Reloader Sp press seem to go real cheap on there. The Rock Ch not so much.

After the reloading gear I would vote the 1022 if you don't have a 22 rifle.

Just my .02 on it
Wild Bill:)
Keep your weapons down to 3 or 4 common calibers.

I'd access my ammo situation first. If your weapons say rifle-7.62X39mm, pistol- 9mm/.45, shot gun 12ga.and everyone needs a a good .22 rifle. Try to keep your weapons that shoot common calibers and make sure you have a big stash of ammo in varying calibers of what you have.

The reloading equipment is a good idea but if you have a bunch of guns of varying calibers, you may want to consider selling some of them and turn that over into cash for your ammo situation. Weapons with NO ammo is a club.
go for the .22 but not the 10/22. i have never had a good experience with them.

i would look hard at the marlin model 60. just my preference, YMMV
So I went into the gun store today didn't buy anything but did handle the engraved LCP. I really like it, not sure if its worth the extra $25 for the engraved slide but I think it really sets it apart from the mass amounts of LCPs out there. The handi-rifle is a nice as ever and the 10/22's are always cool.

As of yet no decision other than I thinking i am definitely going to go with a gun and not ammo or reloading stuff.

Also for the record I DO have a .22lr rifle just not an auto loader. I have an old Targetmaster from my grandpa that I love. I also have a model 60 but it doest really cycle even with CCI minimags, so its a safe queen for now.
I didn't vote

They all seem like good choices. You might also want to consider reloading equipment though $300 will barely get you started. It will buy you a decent single stage set-up but you will still need components. The LCP is a good pocket gun. I have two and they have been very reliable.
I would take some of it and invest in the ABCs of loading and a Lyman Loading Manual. After you read them you may want to spend the rest on some loading equipment?
I'd go for a .22LR Semi-auto rifle, but I'd skip the 10/22 and find a decent used rimfire in a local shop, you can find them for under $200 regularly, and will fill the gap wonderfully.

Best .22 I've ever shot still sits in my gun safe, it's a Sears Model 3T (Winchester 190) Tube magazine, holds 17 (or is it 18) shots, will fire them as fast as you can pull the trigger, very accurate, never ever jammed on me or my father in 40+ years of ownership between us. It's only been stripped and cleaned once or twice in its life (aside from a few drops of oil in the action and a barrel swap after each shooting)
I would say the Ruger LCP. I have a Kel Tec P3AT and I think it is more fun to shoot than my 10/22. 380 is generally $20 a box around here so it is not the cheapest to shoot but it is not too bad. If I want cheap plinking I generally shoot my Browning Buckmark.
Man I love "play" money. Two of my casual hobbies are guns and guitars, my play money does not last long.:D

I'd vote for the 10/22, or like one guy suggested, a Marlin 60.
kd7nqb, everyone should have a true pocket gun in their carry gun line-up, (as opposed to some big lump that they like to call a pocket gun.) You'd be surprised how often you'd carry it. Get the LCP and a $15 DeSantis pocket holster, and you'll be all set. ;)
ally, unless you plan to modify it, Marlin's equivalents to a 10/22 are much nicer rifles for much less money. Just my opinion.

I went with the 918t. Great gun for the money. can shoot 22 short, 22 long and 22 long rifle. Hold 18 rounds so you dont have to keep reloading
1. marlin 60, or 39a(if you can find one under 300.
2. marlin xl7
3 Reloading, if you dont have much space you can get lee's hand press, and a few reloading manuals.
I have several 10/22's...none of them would function with Stingers the case would bend and jam. With ALL the other ammo the have worked great.

My experience with Ruger's rifles has been hit or miss...generally won't buy them these days (77's)...but I have had a few that were great shooters. You buy one, you take your chances! Love those 10/22's though.
I voted 10/22

If you don't have one, you need one. Infact, if you done have two I think you still might need one.:D

Seriously, everyone should have a .22 rifle, and the 10/22 is a fun .22 rifle. Plus, you could buy the rifle and will still have enough cash left over to buy a year or two's worth of ammo.
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