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What would you think of an AR-15, or M4 chambered in...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gunfan, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. gunfan

    gunfan Member

    Jan 4, 2004
    Western U.S.A
    a 9 X 10mm Magnum? Loaded with eveything from 115-grain Gold Dot Hollow Points, to the 147-grain SXT Winchester Hollow Point bullets? This would be a both a varmint and deer hunter's cartridge. the objective in an AR-15-type carbine with a 16.5" barrel would be a "mean motorscooter"!

    With a 147-grain bullet, one could hunt medium-sized, thin skinned game, with relative ease and aplomb. Penetration should be deep, and expansion sould be pronounced! The antipersonnel applications of this cartridge should be obvious! Low recoil, 125 yard(+) range, deep penetration and guaranteed expansion would be a definite asset!

    Even in a 14" barreled M4 platform, the cartridge would be a fantastic entry weapon! Mid-weight projectiles, (between 125 and 135-grain bullets) would be nasty! Expanding violently between 5 and 6 of penetration, any light-skinned animal (read: humans) should suffer from a fatal wound channel inflicted by the projectile's terminal ballistics.

    This is just a thought, after extensively perusing Mike McNett's 9 X 25 loads from a 5" Government Model's barrel.

    Questions, comments?

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