What's a 6" GP100 worth?


Dec 8, 2022
Found a good condition, older model here locally but can't decide if I should jump on it. I've noticed the 6" is rare and I'm having a hard time putting a dollar figure on it.
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Accepting your description of it being in good
condition, the price less ammo discount seems
OK. The GP100 holds up to a lot of shooting
and time so its age doesn't mean much. Only
drawback for me is that it is 6 inches. The
GP100 gets a bit ungainly, for me, at the length.

A very positive is that Ruger can and does
refurbish guns all the time, even for second
and third owners and often at no cost to the
Hope it’s still there when you go back. That seems like one that has a good chance of being gone when you go back to get it.
Matey...... 5 Benjamin's......crickey

The only thing that would make it better for me is if it were a 44 special.

But believe me.......heck, I'd have already had it, had it apart for thorough cleaning and a little polishing, and maybe shot by now......

Do not, as the old saying goes, be dime wise and dollar stupid...... 5 Benjamin's is a bloody good deal unless it's a total turd. If that be it in the pic, it's worth what I posted earlier
Can you elaborate on that? I've got a 4" GP100 I used to shoot a lot in my early 20's but don't know a lot about the guns.
He means the lug underneath the barrel that houses the ejector rod only goes halfway down the barrel instead of being flush with the muzzle. Being a half-lug means there is less weight out towards the muzzle and makes it more maneuverable. The extra weight if it was a full lug would help lower muzzle rise.

I assume you know the difference between a stainless and a blued gun?

I don't know which is rarer...the half-lug or the full lug, but some people like the aesthetic of a half-lug more and others prefer the full lug.

At any rate, I bought a used 4" stainless that was pristine 8-10 years ago (don't remember exactly) for $450. If there isn't any rust, $500 is a fantastic price.